Alienware M17X R3 review

Theres been a lot of goss going around about these beasts! But are they really as good as they say?! During this post, we’ll explore deep within the cons and pros of this laptop to determin…..oh fuck it its AWESOME! unbelievable! It took me hours to pick out some bad points just for the sake of this review, or i wouldnt be the CRITIC that i claim to be! Lets that with the basics!

Lets face it. Alienware have always been sexy. Although this particular model looks more like a muscle car than anything else. The R3 model is the latest out of the M17x series, so there’s a few updates in appearance. The cover is now plated in a soft touch finish which leaves minimal fingerprints. Thank fuck they got rid of that plastic strip that plagued the old model making it look like its from the stone age! although colours are restricted (like always) to red and black, I definitely recommend the nebula red as the black makes it look like an old Acer notebook. Open it up and the real magic happens! Turn on this sex toy and your greeted with a shining welcome from the gods! Alienware’s much talked about AlienFX keyboard adds that extra bit of awe while gaming on the M17X. Not only the keyboard, but the mouse pad, speakers, logo and alien head all light up, and are controlled in the alienware command center.

For those of you who are wondering, the Command center is alienware’s inbuilt software for controlling particular aspects of your machine. For example, the light up keyboard not only can be personalized with different colours, but even where the colours show up can be changed. for example, the left side of the keyboard can be red and green, and the right side blue and white! and you can make them morph and flash with the music, its pretty sick! i have to be honest this was a major selling point for me! the command center can also control the power and performance of the machine. since this baby sucks enough power to light up the whole of New York, you can customize the CPU or Graphics card when using battery or AC adapter. This really comes in handy when using your laptop out and about, without using up all the power. Battery life sucks balls instead of power though, with not even enough battery life to last me through a day, around about 2 hours, even on the lowest power plan.

Performance……WOW! like…zoomg this beast really packs a massive punch in the balls with a sledge-hammer! I’m running on 16GB ram, with an i7 2820QM processor, and a 1.5GB nVidia graphics card. finally, running crysis on high is no problem. But want a real reason to buy it?! The M17X r3 is the first alienware laptop….to have 3D capabilities! Thats right people Stereoscopic 3D software, equip with the nVidia 3D vision bundle makes any game pop off the screen, in crystal clear, high def 1980×1080 resolution. Although using 3D really hit the performance of games hard across the nogan, getting about only 25 – 30 fps when running cysis with stereoscopic, which still isnt a bad result.

Although this laptop is packed with features, theres a few design choices that really could have been though out more. For example the screen looks fantastic, as they coated it with a single sheet of glass. Looks great…when its off! when its on, glare can really be a pain in a gamers ass! especially when using it outdoors!

Under the bonnet, the new intel i7 processor code named ‘Sandy Bridge’ was recently drawn back, and re released in march due to over heating problems. I can tell you now, this baby still gets hot! Even with 2 massive fans beneath it! I’m yet to find the actual temperature, but at times while gaming it gets so hot i can touch it for no longer then about 3 seconds, which can sometimes be a real worry! And the placement of vents does nothing to help! its a LAPtop after all, and they warn you NOT to use it on your LAP!   ?????    maybe because they stupidly put the intake fans under the machine so when its on your lap there’s no air coming in! so the cooling mechanism is a real piece of shit! but i guess mine hasnt blown up yet “knocks on wood” so it must be doing its job!

Theres SOOOO much i can go on about this thing, like the speakers being so loud i can use it at parties but rattle alot, or how you can run you playstation 3 or xbox off it with the added HDMI input port, or how the adapter is the size of my house! but to really experience this machine, you have to see it yourself! it will not let you down! this baby gave me everything i expected from an Alienware and then some!

If you want any questions answered at all leave me a line in the comments below!!


5 comments on “Alienware M17X R3 review

  1. shadOgray says:

    The Alien head on the back of the monitor I am told is stuck on the color white and there is no way to change the color like on the previous M17X’s Have you found a way around this retarded restriction?

    • gamethief says:

      Firstly, I totally agree this restriction is the pinnacle of retard, since the alien head is what onlookers will see the most. I have been working on a hack, which will allow users to change the colour through the command centre. I will update this blog once it is ready! But until then my friend it is stuck on a boring dull white!! Hope this helps!

  2. Now I have the Alienware M17x and it is simply the best computer I have ever had. Fast, quiet, and no over heating. Smooth graphics and screen resolution is just amazing. I am a believer of you get what you pay for and the M17x is worth every cent.

    • gamethief says:

      It really is! i was very close to selling mine but there really is no machine quite like it at all!
      From Crysis warhead to even Battlefield 3, (running 3D mind you) this baby performes above the rest at just over 45 FPS (58 without Native 3D)
      Stay tuned for some more great laptop reviews coming this week, kick-starting with the all new Samsung series 9 Ultra book

  3. Jennfer says:

    Did you ever figure out the alienhead color issue? Other than that, I really love mine, but that is a huge bummer.

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