F.E.A.R. 2 – Project Origen

20110530-032844.jpgWhen I see FEAR written in all capitals on the front of a game box I expect the game to be just a little more intimidating then the soft fur on a kitty cat. But in this case Monolith Productions went above and beyond to ensure that the word FEAR will invoke as much fear as an elderly man behind the wheel, which is a talent in its self! But now theres FEAR 2, upgraded with 3 times as much kitty fur to snuggle up to if the game feels its becoming to scary. Wouldnt want an action horror to actually have some aspects of horror in it now would we Monolith Productions?

FEAR , or First Encounter Assult Reacon….2 is actually a First person shooter with horror elements. Only Monolith Productions misunderstood Horror for porn, because the only parts in the game that are even remotly scary involve a naked girl standing at the end of a long corridoor switching the lights on and off, and occasionally leaping into your arms trying to rape you.


You play as Becket, a delta marine out to stop some ghost bitch, Alma, from compleatly replacing reality with her idea of the Fiji isands, compleate with breakfast buffet and pool side bar, except the buffet is full of cockroaces and rats and the poolside bar is death. Apparently alma sees somthing sexy about your scrauny ass because from the second you arrive on the scene she begins transmitting horrific visions of your team dead, or an eerie grass field with a tyre swing or i dunno. they are all probly her idea of love letters, because the game is honestly as thrilling as reading a boring all love letter from your grandma.

As I always say, every game has to have at least 1 unique feature that makes it worth getting, or at least SHOULD make it worth getting. With FEAR I honestly can’t pick out what is unique about it. Unless you decide to count in being abnormally annoying at some parts. For example there are these BONE BREAKING annoying ghost slash deamon slash CUNT things you come across that ate specifically designed to get on your tits. They run around uncontrollably screaming at every 4 second interval, and with each yell horribly distort the screen and raise any dead Conrad around him, in turn creating a super team of deamon retards! And they just do not fucking die! At any given time I would unleash an entire truck load of shot gun shells into it’s head and they would still run around gayly crying out Christmas carols!

I will have to admit at some stage the not all the design choices in the game are bad. One brief but interesting moment of gameplay had you running frantically away from….I don’t know what down a narrow hallway while the lights switch on and off like a lightning storm making it close to impossible to see where you were going. To the games credit it was actually quite good at drawing you in, and actually becMe quite unnerving. But before you actually start having fun the game whips out a warm blankie and a pacifier, with more pornography.

It’s not a bad game but I didn’t manage it to the end. I definitely would not recommend it to hardcore horror fans, there is amnesia for that! I would first recommend this game to an old single man with no knowledge of Internet porn who has lonely weekend after Lonely weekend to fill!


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