nVidia 3D Vision Bundle

There’s been a lot of speculation around 3D gaming regarding weather or not it’s actually worth getting. The reality is im unable to show you exactly how it looks through a blog or video, you’ll just have to go see it yourself you lazy things! But what I can do is give you a quick review on the nVidia 3D vision bundle that came with my glorious M17X R.3 Alienware heh heh heh heh thank you very much! Unless you actually see the 3D in action you wont be able to 100% appreciate it in all its pants off glory.

Stereoscopic 3D allows users to add the 3D effect to pretty much any game out, ever! If you laptop or pc comes inbuilt with nVidia’s 3D driver and 3D capable screen, then your ready to go! It isn’t the old style 3D that requires you to wear the red and cyan paper glasses that induce as much pleasure as belting your head upon a marble base. Instead for $149.00 you get a battery-powered pair of stereo glasses which instead of the older models which had a refresh rate of only 30Hz per lens, each lens will now render 1680×1050 with 60 HZ refresh rate, which means twice the headache! It does become very laggy when you try to run 3D on anything above 1680×1050 resolution though, which did become a pain in the ass since my Alienware has a resolution of 1080×1900, so i felt like i wasnt getting the full use out of my machine, but nevertheless it is still a very decent 3D effect.


Usually the nVidia 3D bundle will come with your 3D capable pc ready to use, as did mine come with my alienware. So im not quite sure where to purchase the bundle on its own, although im positive they are available online somewhere. It comes with a pair of 3D glasses, (if you went screwed over that is) a IR emitter, a soft case, a soft cleaning cloth, recharge cable, nose pegs and instruction manuals. Now the IR emitter only comes when you purchase the unit on its own. Because my Alienware has the emitter built right into the screen mine did not include the emitter. But if yours does it is basically a little remote control that allows users to control the depth of the 3D, similar to a volume control on your radio. It also transmits the signal the glasses need to be able to properly sync up with your pc.

The glasses do come with their own flaws though. they tend to flicker on and off if you sit too far away from the pc emitter which can become a big wet poo problem. At times I found myself banging the glasses because I taught they broke, when in fact all I did was lean my chair just a little bit too far back away from the computer! although it is a small price to pay for this model, since there’s no more fiddling with buttons and frequency settings, just turn the glasses on and between the pc and the emitter they will tell the glasses exactly what to do, and configure all settings automatically before running each game. It seems they took all the headache out of setting up 3D and put it into the headache you get when playing. I found my head hurting after about 40 minutes of gameplay, which is a step up from the 3DS, which i found myself snapping the piece of shit in half after 10 seconds.

For a real 3D experience you can’t really go past nVidia. And mind you it is REAL ‘Coming right at you’ 3D, not the bullshit 2 backgrounds crap the 3DS has. I had my entire family enthrolled at the test movie alone!

for quick and easy 3D, (if your pc can handle it that is) I recommend nVidia. Or if you prefer the headache your more than welcome to try the 3DS, but if you do, you’re not allowed on my site again!


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