iPhone 5 Gossip News

Ok now im just as fanatic about the Apple iPhone as any other person with absolutely no life BUT…THIS has got me…just wow!

There is a few designs that have been circulating the internet, including an all glass model, completely transparent and ultra light. I heard that it will just be the same as the 4th gen iPhone only with new and updated features, maybe an Apple iButtscracher since they can do pretty much everything else! But this image courtesy of BEAMBLOG is the new (or one of the new) concept phones said to be the new technology which will be used in the new iPhone 5th generation. Featuring a state of the art futuristic design, along with flexible screen, allowing the entire phone to be completely transparent. You know,  for those dumb asses that always manage to drop it some way or another. The famous apple logo always stamped at the back of all apple products is lit up bright orange, and seems as if hovers over the users cheek as they talk into it.

Of cause, believe it or not this type of technology has been used many times before, like the Polymer Vision which features a 6 inch SVGA display, with the ability to be rolled up into a tube as thin as 12mm in diameter. Both Samsung and Sony have their own OLED prototypes which have been seen to roll up and almost crunch in all different directions. The user also has the ability to use ‘bend gestures’ to tell the device what to do.

I’m really not sure what on earth you would possibly need with this! you would lose it the second you put it in your bag. Or even more likely bundle it with scrap paper and throw it out by mistake. Just by look at these photos I can’t see any ports to plug-in a charger so unless this thing runs on pure will power alone, im not quite sure how to power it! These type of displays actually work with each individual pixel emitting its own light, rather than having a light screen behind it, like in LCD TV’s and Laptops, making it easier to bend. So the pixels im guessing the resolution would be much lower than a regular LCD panel.

Let me know your design tips in the comment section below!!


5 comments on “iPhone 5 Gossip News

  1. Kodar says:

    Well this is amazing! Are they really bringing this out or is this another design that was proposed?

    I have to agree with what you said. How you would loose it, and where the charger would go, OH and what about the ear phones. Where do they go? lol it would be so uncomfortable to hold it on the ear being so thin and flex.

    repair would be the biggest problem! the cost and time to replace! Mind you, i happen to be one of the “dumb asses” that dropped his iphone4, so if this drops? The scratches would be shown right though to the other side of the clear screen?!?

    BUT! then again, it looks really cool! lol

  2. Tuzinde says:

    i cant say much, but that garget is really very cool.

  3. click here says:

    Wanted to drop a comment and let you know your Feed is not functioning today. I tried adding it to my Google reader account but got nothing.

    • gamethief says:

      I’ll get right on that! There’s been a sudden overload of people reading my blog and this isn’t the first issue! I’ll have my team look at the issue ASAP!!
      Please stay connected for the next issue of Gamethief news, out Thursday!

  4. Bryanna says:

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