5 Things to survive the work grind

Stuck in the 9 till 5 rutt? Boss on your ass? Literally? That would be creepy and if that’s the case then you should call the police or work safe BUT until then pass the time with a few tips and tricks from GameThief to at least try to pass the time. apart from using lube and condoms here are 5 things to do if your boss isn’t looking.

First up on the paddy waggon is a great range of Desk top Toys available at freewarefiles.com, under the ‘desktop toys’. These are actually quite fun if you have nothing better to do, then again what isn’t better than work! The range of things you can cram onto your desktop these days is amazing. Anything from virtual pets, Binary Animals and even a remote control plane you can actually fly around your desktop! (Skycar 3D desktop toy) They work just like animated icons, and are used on top of any application, until you turn it off! So if your boss is behind you, simply press a button and it all goes away! On of my favourites is ’12 Ants’, which turns your desktop into an ant farm! But better yet you can freak the hell out of your work mates because from a distance, it actually looks as if there are ants crawling all over your screen! This is just for novelty laughs but does the trick nevertheless!

Call me old-fashioned, but back in highschool there was one website that I always loved, which also always got me kicked out of the school library for budging, but who cares so worth it! Miniclip was one of my absolute favourite sites for quick and easy games that you play right in your browser. Theres literally thousands of games available so whether your into action, puzzle games, point and click games, strategy, or anything in between Miniclip has it! I’m pretty sure theres a game that lets you take out all your frustration on Osama bin Larden, which I find quite bizarre but who cares either that or bash your boss instead and get fired your call!! For those wondering what to look for, it’s called ‘osamagochi’. Yes…very humouress.

Need a laugh!! you would have definitely heard of Failblog!! Most likley because you’ve been the feature fail on it for the past 3 years I dunno….I know I have! It have EVERYTHING to put a smile on your face, from FailTV, full of hilarious videos; FailBook, for ridiculously stupid and bizzare facebook posts and photos, and of cause the main page which has a mix of everything. Theres even a segment that features work related fails, called 9 till 5! The entire site is pretty much videos of stupid people, or photos of stupid people, or a video of someone taking a photo of a stupid person….either way it’ll pass at least 30 seconds of work time while you wait for you browser to load…or until your boss catches you, you know which ever comes first!

And finally, ive left the best till last!! the no. one thing you can do to pass time apart from getting drunk or touching yourself!  the no. 1 work time drainer is…..GAMETHIEF!!! hah hah hah that’s right come on if you have a spare bored second log onto gamethief.wordpress.com and have a look at the latest in news and technology. I update this thing like, every 40 minutes honestly i have no life!! like no life!! so give it a go!!

Like always if you have a game or something you want me to review before you buy, leave me comment!!


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