Alienware Orion Messenger Bag

It’s quite rare that I review something like this for my blog! After all its just a bag arent they all the same? Its like interviewing the couch used on the Oprah Winfrey set. But in this instance that isn’t the case! With the Alienware Orion Messenger bag, it’s still like interviewing a couch but only now we get to talk exclusively to the dent in the cushion from Oprah’s ass crack!
Yes, it is still just a bag, it’s not the crash hot with the ‘oh wow’ effect like my stunning face has. But it does have a few features that can set it apart from all the other bags in the same school. I refer to them as features because im not talking about just the stitching, or the material used, or whatever. Theres a few things Alienware has included in the design that allows for things like SafeScan at the airport, and frequency block out for you mobile phone.
SafeScan, also known as ScanFast if your American and FAT, changes the way your laptop case can travel through an airport security checkpoint. Unfortunately, since the September 11 tragedy all airports not jump at the first sign of anything just slightly more turbulent  than the wind between my ass cheeks! Usually you would have to take out you laptop and put it in a separate tray, open your bag right up and remove any other materials that contain metal and then have your bag laying open so the world can see your entire personal collection of panties and condoms.  But ScanFast says FUCK YOU to airport security, and allows the x-ray scanner to see right though the bag without having to take anything out! no need to open it up, or remove the laptop! just throw it on the conveyor belt and bam! instant scan! It really saves time if you running late for a flight, but some airports like to be dicks and make you take everything out anyway! You know just to give them something to do!


cool and handy feature added to the sex appeal of the bag is a ‘Silent Compartment’ inside the bag. It is designed for your phone when going into a meeting or interview. Its lined with a specialized magnetized material that completely blocks out any incoming signal or out going signal from your phone, making it completely safe to leave on during a meeting. The material they used to line it feel rather cheap however, but ive tested it with about 4 different networks and it really did the trick!
As for the actually feel of the bag, it is a little bit bulky when carrying it around everywhere, with 3 massive sections I wasnt expecting anything less, but having said that it is quite light! Until you put your mammoth M17X in it! It is definitely sturdy and will do what it can to take a few bullets for your machine, although the ‘CheckPoint Friendly’ part shown above does look a feel a bit cheap and tacky, and really dont seem like its safe to hold my laptop! I always wrap my machine in its soft bag first before putting it in this anyway. It feels like it will scratch the surface of my laptop, but I guess it hasn’t yet, so im sure it must be safe! Theres also plenty of storage inside the bag. There’s compartments for your books, CD’s, Pens, stationary, room for you power adapter, gaming controllers and even enough room for another laptop! (If your strong enough to lift it!)
These bags are available from the Alienware Website, under the ‘Gear Shop’ Tab, for around $90 AUS. although I got mine from a private dealer for $100 because i REFUSE to deal with Dell! No joke their customer service is fucking bullshit!! It took them 1 MONTH to send a technician out to repair the damage that THEIR TECHNICIAN did to my laptop!!! but that’s a story for another blog!

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