Samsung Series 9 Ultra-book (The new Macbook air?)

Ok now here was my first initial thoughts of this (quite visually stunning) Notebook:

-Piss weak performance

-Piss weak durability

-FUCKING piss weak battery life

-and minimal features

But read on!! this post may surprise you! (I know I was!)

Lets start with performance.

The Samsung Series 9 is said to be the Mac Book Air for Windows. Slim, sexy design; ultra thin and ultra light and pretty good battery life. Now I was very surprised at the performance of this laptop. It may look like its piss weak but inside is a Quad-core i7 2610M 1.5gHz  “sandy bridge” processor, which in my opinion really pushes the benchmark for an ultra book. I’m yet to test any sort of game on this bad boy but im not expecting much. But this laptop isn’t made for games! (I spent enough on my Alienware for that!!) But for everything else, this laptop kicks so much ass it’s illegal! Opening files, no matter their size takes less than a second, which includes media files such as photos and music.

Whats pretty bad about such a tiny machine though is the wireless card. To put it plainly, it sucks…hard! where all my other machines have no trouble fetching full reception from my WiFi router, the Samsung Series 9 will struggle to get even just 3 bars or less which can sometimes be really fucking stressful! (Porn!! Need I say more?)


Samsung has always been a company that really turns heads in this department, so I wasn’t to blown away by the ultra-books sleek design. weighing just under 3 pounds, the Series 9 is probably the best portable  experience I have ever had. The bag that I brought for it weighs more than the actually laptop! No joke!! Unreal I know right?!

The chassis of the machine is made from a super strong, yet lightweight durilium,  which Samsung claims is used to build most air crafts.  the surface has a brushed, clean sleek look about it that is sure to turn some heads.

there’s a few design choices that seriously pissed me off though, like the placement of the USB 3.0 ports, or the fact that there is a micro SD slot instead of a regular SD slot which to me is just bullshit! how many devices do you know of take Micro SD cards as opposed to normal SD? I wanted to punch my dog when I saw this! no joke!! poor kibbles hates me now! But the ports are conveniently hidden under flaps that pop out which does a lot to keep the sleek and slim look of the laptop, which does make using USB devices a lot more awkward than usual but its nothing that will bother you too much! Oh and as you may already have guessed this baby doesnt have a CD/DVD drive so you’ll need an external!

The screen? LOVE IT! All I need to do is draw a pair of tits into Microsoft paint and im ready to RAPE IT! its amazing!! No more bullshit glass gloss finish like the Alienwares that makes outdoor use harder than nipples in Antarctica! The 13.3 inch screen is super-bright plus LED and anti glare, powered by Intel Graphics HD 3000, achieving a screen resolution of 1366×768. (Just under the Mac book Air, which has about 1440×900)


A main selling point for this baby is that the battery lasts up to 3x longer then other laptops, which should get about 7+ hours. So far, the average time my battery lasts is about 5.5 to 6 hours MAX which still isn’t a bad result, considering my machine is running on an i7 2617M quad-core 1.5gHz sandy bridge processor. The 6-Cell Lithium, 6300 mAh battery is charged by a 40 watt AC adapter.


Ok so before I said that I expected there to be NO features. Well I was wrong! this baby has been quite thought out in every way, making it probably one of the most user-friendly machines ive used in a long time.

One of the main features is the Quick Start feature, which boots up the system in just under 18 seconds, and wakes up in 3. (probably due to the solid state hard drive) which makes on the spot situations simple and easy to get around.

The ambient light sensor quickly and pretty accurately detects the level of light around you, and adjusts the brightness of not only the screen, but the backlit keyboard as well. (Yes, thank FUCK the keyboard is back-lit!)

The track pad is massive, making it easy to navigate web pages and documents, and also has multi-touch gestures. Now let me go on about this because it’s the one part of the laptop that actually works like SHIT! It takes about 5.776 years for the damn thing to pick up what kind of gesture your actually trying to do! and when it does, it does the opposite! it really pisses me off! I’ve learnt to live without using it, and Samsung when you add in a feature that people don’t like, that’s a pretty bad thing. So learn from it! The Pad also has no buttons, because there built-in, so clicking on things can get very tedious and aggravating very fast.   (Again, PORN!!)

The machine is SUPER quiet, (again probably because of the SSD) and can also be run in silent mode which shuts off the fan completely.

And my personal favourite….the camera has Face Detection!! it’s fucking mad! I love it! every PC I buy has to have a little feature like this for me to want it and Samsung pulls it off quite nicely.

Overall the Samsung Series 9 is sexy, easy, extremely portable and efficient. it’s a great choice for the business man or uni student, even if it does cost an arm and a leg having to fork out just under $2800 AUD. But trust me, its worth every penny.


4 comments on “Samsung Series 9 Ultra-book (The new Macbook air?)


    for those suffering the annoying signal drop, well, i just went to control panel } hardware and sound } devices and printers } device manager } network adapters } broadcom 802.11n network adapter } right click “properties”

    1. go to “driver” and update it
    2. after go to “advanced options”
    3. and only change these settings:
    bandwith capability = 20/40 mhz
    bluetooth collaboration = disable
    ibss protection mode = disable

    for me, its been working great, the wireless signal now is stable, not drops of signal bars, and also the connection speed has improved…..

  2. Rafae says:


    Great PC! Just do not recommend it for this gang of NERD’s who spend more hours on the computer than other activities.
    Go play sports, hang out with guys, making love … if you know what sex is!

    I recommend the PC but unless you are one of those!
    great to work

    • gamethief says:

      And why is that? Your you are going t trash talk and make gay jokes how about backing up your argument?

      Sports, don’t do them! I’m actualy the lead concertmaster for the Melbourne symphony orchestra! Didn’t expect that did you?

      Take your unwanted rude comments to your own blog, where you can talk about how bad this pc or gay sex till the cows come home

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