Modern Combat 3 – Fallen Nation

                Ok I know it’s quite unusual for me to review an iPad game individually, you know iPad being a platform that does to games what a wood chipper does to my PENIS! OR SO I THAUGHT! YES using nothing but touch controls is like controlling a 1 legged jack Russel with a broom stick, and YES the iPad itself can’t handle the amount of graphical sex that my PS3 or alienware can but this game is FUCKING FANTASTIC I just HAD to review it! I loved it! (although it really is just a Modern Warfare ripoff but FUCK IT I like it!)   For those of you who actually fucking read my blogs you may remember a while back I reviewed the iPhone and iPad as a platform itself and in it also reviewed a few popular titles. I also stated that the iPad/iPhone platform is probably the only platform that actually knows what the fuck VARIETY is, and doesnt just shovel the same tripe into our screaming faces.  however, it also is a platform that MASSIVALLY rips off other games, and modern combat is figure A. I’m guessing modern warfare came out then GameLoft brought it, cloned it, and brainwashed it to say “infity ward? whose that?” to anyone that asked. But I must say, that for an iPad game, it is probably the most detailed and thought out game on the apple platform! Ok lets face it, calling a game great just because it’s NEARLY AS GOOD as a game on a real platform like the PS3 but c’mon look what other bullshit we have to compare it to! Angry birds? Jetpack Joyride?? Fucking Doodle Jump? those games a fun yes for the casual gamer! but FINALLY a game is now available that has pretty much all the features of modern warfare built right into your iPad! its like taking your PS3 around to work! The Campaign is not to long only about 5 to 6 hours but its the multiplayer that really got me! Theres so many different types of games I lost count, from manhunt, to Demolition right down to territory! You gain XP just like you do in Modern Warfare, and also gain only that can be used to purchase upgrades for guns, mines, and other shit that goes boom. I know all you COD fan boys out there are probably yelling at the screen saying “JUST GET COD” but fuckheads, this is portable!!! It just surprised the fuck out of me how good they actually did it! all I can really say about it is that, its exactly like COD! if you want COD but are always on the road or at work, then buy an iPad and download Modern Combat 3!! it’s a massive file for an iPad, about 1.3 GB but worth every cent.


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