PS Vita


So, I know everyone has been waiting a long time for the PS Vita to come out, and a lot of rave has been going on about it….but was is all necessary….hmmm…

SO the system IS a pretty powerful system running a super bright glossy LCD touch screen, and a super useless back touch screen to top things off!
But let me go into more detail:

Is, as I said above, bright, and touchy! The touch features work just as well as an iPhone or Samsung which to me was an unexpected surprise! There’s nothing I can really fult the front panel for at all in fact, although you can adjust the brightness but only VERY slightly which gets a tad redundant!
The BACK panel how ever is just so useless and unused Sony might as well taped a….a…a bloody shoe on the back I dunno!
I’ve played all the ps bits titles and so far the only game that really needed the back panel were, in order: Little Deviants. That’s all! And that was such a shit game anyway! (full review coming check back) it does work very well however when it IS being used, That is, NEVER since I burnt Little Deviants and sent its flaming ashes to the SUN!

A lot of the vitas rave was due to its controls, i.e. Have 2 control sticks ect ect! The controls are actually exceptionally well done and feel very sturdy and satisfying to press! That is except of cause for the L and R buttons which are so light to touch you son know that you have TOUCHED them! But the rest are perfect for me! People say that the main X,O whatever pad is way to small but it’s not bad once you get used to it!

Now FUCK NO I’m not putting the back panel as a feature! So away with you if you think I am!
If you think I’m not then welcome! đŸ˜€
There are a few features I’ll touch on lightly!
Front and back camera works quite well, just waiting for Sony to release effects for the camera;
Play station Network works very nicely for a handheld, making buying and downloading content so easy! Although remote play STILL dosnt support nearly ALL titles so what’s the fucking point in THAT?
Absolutely exceptional Augmented Reality engine which makes games like table soccer a utter delight to play! And yes, it’s free;
And inbuilt mic to actually chat to your buddies while your killing then in FPS’

In a nutshell, I was expecting more the the heavy price tag! Some of the main network features are still in the works even though Sony had 3 fucking models of the psp to work on but whatever I’ll be patient! But it is a great little machine and the graphics on some games blew me away for a handheld!




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