iPhone Kaching

ImageSo, Every now and again, a there’s a new app that makes me think….wtf? But in a good way!! When I saw this, I did just that!!
Commonwealth bank users can now control their credit cards and bank details with their iPhone, using a specially designed case called the iCarte!
The iCarte connects to your iPhone just like a regular iPhone cover. inside is an electronic chip that works the same way as the chip embedded in your credit card! So, at shops and cafes that accept paypass or pay wave, (that is, the device that lets you pay by simply tapping your card on the register) you can now tap your iPhone on the register instead!! I found that pretty cool!!

The Kaching app itself, which of cause is free, connects straight to your commonwealth bank portfolio, bringing up details on all your accounts, loans, and cards! Whats more is you can send a receive money not only via BPAY or bank transfer like normal, BUT also via facebook and text message! I tried this out myself and it actually worked pretty well! You can even bump another device to send money to their phone! I’m assuming this works over bluetooth or something I’m really not sure! its just really cool!!


The only downside to this app is the fact that if you have several credit cards, you can only activate 1 for paypass. It takes around 4 minutes to activate a new one, providing you have decent 3G coverage, so its not as simple as swipe to your preferred card and tap, but I have no doubt they will change this! (The fucking well better!)

The app itself is activated by using either normal netbank credentials (Client number and password) or a 4 digit pin, which you can change anytime! So security is not a problem! The app even automatically logs out  whenever you lock your device, or return to the home screen, So there’s no accidentally leaving it open on your work bench!

The app is free however the iCarte case can be purchased through the app itself for AU$49.95.


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