iStore App addition to GameThief and Stumble upon

That’s right! I’ve officially become addicted to my iPhone! I can’t go anywhere without it! So bitch please I’ll be the best (AND ONLY) person to give you first hand experience on some the iStores best apps! So, every few days, I’ll upas a new short review on A few apps that you probly never heard of!!

20120718-013651.jpgToday’s app is Stumble Upon. A vet clever web browsing app that has opened my eyes to some of my favorite YouTube comedies such as college humor and cyanide and happiness! Just two I would have never come across if it was for this app!
Stumble upon does, well, just that! Input your interests and swipe away, automatically bringing up videos, pictures, articles and more of shit that only you would like!! It’s great! And highly addictive! So beware! Several hours have been wasted laughing my ass off at that stupid Harry potter puppet show thing! (look it up apparently I’m the only one that hasn’t seen it!) OH WAIT! I HAVE! Thanks stumble upon! 😀



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