iStore Crap: MinoMonsters

MinoMonsters, that is, Pokemon with new, shittier monters, is good and bad! Good because it’s design and usability is actually quite good and flows quite nicely. But bad because it’s soft king addictive I haven’t been able to tear used away for days!!

20120718-014608.jpg Basically, your aim is to capture, and level up new monsters, each with their own stregnths and weaknesses and special attacks! Just like Pokemon, there’s fire monsters, wind monsters, water monsters, ground monsters, ect! And just like really life will teach you (if your not fucking stupid beyond gods green realm) is fire is weak against water, and shit like that!!
You begin the game with only 1 monster, which I recently just found out is the only one you an actually evolve, which I find to be as intuitive as resting my bare testicals on an open stove top!


Battling other monsters also flows quite nicely, and unless you suffer from severe brain lacking syndrome, is also very easy! Tap the bad guy to attack, or use special attacks for extra oomph! Elemental attacks work well against weaker traits, and are weak against stronger ones! Pick up experience, hearts, bolts (to charge your attacks) and special power ups that either shield, boost your attack, give you more life or what not!

What I found great is the in-game store is minimal! It dosn’t make you buy shitty tokens with real money unless you REALLY want to! But the things you need real money for can be easily found within playing the game anyway! It’s great!

That game is great! Get it! NOW! Just be warned! It’s addictive!
It’s also free to download!


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