DON’T LOOK BACK!! he’ll come GETCHA!!! Yes, tHat’s right! The infamous German folk tale of the Slender Man has been made into a game, which i must say Parsec, for a Imagescary folklore that’s been around for nearly 600 years you sure did jump on this band wagon VERY quickly!

But I must say for an indie game with graphics that look like it belongs on a calculator made by Texas instruments, this game really did scare the absolute fucking shit out of me!! No joke! I think shit really did fly out at one point!

The aim of the game is simple! walk around a dark, gloomy Forrest and collect 8 pages! if you can do it, hooray, if not, then you have been caught!!! It sounds very easy to do but i can tell you now its NOT!!

You have nothing but a flashlight handy, which lights a small, realistic circle of uncertainty in front of you!

(very similar to amnesia) BUT at least amnesia hid its scary monsters from your eyes! What makes this game so terrifying is every now and again you get a glimpse of Slender man either from the corner of your flashlight, or hidden just out of sight behind a tree! The worst part is turning around because you never actually know what might be there!

The game’s sound track is very clever, starting out with silence, then becoming gradually louder and FUCK off intense with every passing page you collect so there’s no point shutting your eyes! The worst part is, if you have to give in to the urge of turning around (and you WILL) and he happens to be right behind you, the soundtrack let’s off a loud orchestral shriek of fear and urine that trickles down your leg while you desperately try to hide it from your friends!

Give it a go! It’s short and sweet and only lasts a few minutes before you SHIT YOUR PANTS!


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