Super Mario Brothers Wii

If there’s one thing Nintendo know to do better than anything else, it’s knowing how to use the same game over and over again and STILL make it look like its brand new and exciting enough to buy!! FUCK they have fooled me dozens of times!! How do you do it?! Grr!

No one in the world is a bigger Super Mario fan than me! So naturally I was quite excited when I saw this game sitting on the shelf in the shop while I was wondering what I should buy with my JB HIFI Gift voucher. My friend said to me ‘Its exactly like the original only with better graphics’ to which I thought in my mind, ‘Nintendo can’t be that stupid can they?’ Of cause now I can say FUCK YOU MIND of CAUSE they are! Even some of the levels are copy pasted right out of the NES, right down to the configuration of the bricks that Mario bashes with his stubby little head. I’m not saying its ALL bad, it was definitely a good hit of nostalgia amongst todays bullshit clogging the market and it did keep me interested and challenged enough to see it through to the very end, however I would have loved to seen a little more added features then Nintendo provided! I guess they ran out money after the first level and had to *cough* “BORROW” some content from Mario Brother’s predecessor!

A few new power ups have been added, such as Ice Mario, opposite of fire Mario, (try your best to figure out what it does) and helicopter Mario, which has you lifted up into the sky with a quick and irritating shake of the controller. But for some reason Nintendo took out some of my favorite power ups, like Hammer Thrower, and even the flying feather!

The game has definitely taken inspiration from its previous titles, incorporating the platform feel of NES Super Mario 1, the world map of NES Super Mario 3, and the cute little Yoshi from Super Mario on the SNES. But overall, it felt like I was playing these old games, and didn’t feel enough like it was a new and shiny new game! and for a game that has Mario shrieking ‘NEW Super Mario’ the second you turn it on you expect it to feel fucking new!

I have a feeling Nintendo intended this game to be played by more than 1 person most of the time, having most levels in the game with mechanical platforms and switches specifically designed to be operated by 2 or more people. The game is far more fun playing multiplayer, playing as either Mario, Luigi or the toad (the lowest friend in the group) and fighting for the best power up that pops out of the ? boxes. The interaction between the characters is also a riot, when you have Luigi taking out his sexual frustration on Mario by picking him up and throwing him off the edge of the map, making for hours of hilarious game play; before my rage kicks in and I bash the shit out of my friends for doing so. although playing with more than 2 people gets confusing! most of the time I found my self looking at the wrong player while my character spent most of his life humping the brick wall of the corner of the screen until he died!

The game is good, (not great) it definitely made me smile and kept my interest at best. The interaction with enemies and the music is remarkable, having everything timed with cute little dances and turns made my day, which to me makes up the little things that make a game better. I recommend it to people who spend a lot of time with mates, as its much better with friends. But it’s also good if you have no friends also.  🙂


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