I’ve always said, when advertising your new product, and you feel the need to slip in your competitors name and THEIR product, then you are doing a fucking shit job and you need to go jump in the nearest lake! Samsung, however, should jump in a lake filled with sulfuric acid and donkey seamen.

I remember watching reviews of the new Samsung Galaxy, and every second phrase was; ‘Similar to the iPhone’ or ‘Does it better than the iPhone.’

If you have to MENTION that its better than the iPhone, then I’TS CLEARLY NOT BETTER THEN THE FUCKING iPHONE!!

It came no surprise to hear that Samsung was ordered to pay Apple over 1.2 billion dollars in damages, after being found guilty of nearly all claims against Samsung stating they may have imitated Apple.

MAY HAVE? ….the FUCK!? Type in ‘Galaxy Tab’ in Google images and click on the first or second image. I’ll wait…….*twiddles thumbs*   Ok now you see that iPad that comes up? OH WAIT! That’s not an iPad its the Samsung Galaxy Tab! Whoops my mistake Samsung, maybe you should have done a better job photo shopping your logo over the Apple Logo on the back of the iDevice!


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