PS VITA – Quick Fix

It was a dark and gloomy time for me when I brought my PS Vita and realized there were only like 4 games available, and features on the PS Vita that SONY used as the flagship selling points weren’t even fucking ready but that’s ok I let it all slide in the anticipation of Little Big Planet to be launched in OCTOBER?!! WTF?! Gee Sony I’d hate to push it back any further it may end up in Dubai’s time zone!

BUT, I caught a glimpse of the Playstation network asking its loving and VERY patient fans, and I Quote; “Which PS one classics would you play on PS Vita?”

As always I like to over analyze shit, so my conclusion? Sony is finally allowing an emulating program for the Vita to play older more original games from the PS one and 2! Thats MY guess!

I’ll also put the question to you guys. Which old-school Playstation 1 game would you want to play on a hand-held and why?! Crash Bandicoot?! Hurks Adventure?! Let me know!!


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