PS Vita Tomb Blitz

Casual games. The very thought of casual games gets most people angry and wanting to kill the nearest living cow! I however enjoy the occasional casual game. So I was more than happy to try out the PS Vita’s newest downloadable casual game addition, Tom Blitz, a rather similar take on Bejeweled, a game that had the entire population of mums in the country hooked for weeks on end!
Nothing really difficult here, you slide the gems just as you would in Bejeweled, to match the colours and make them disappear, just like in Bejeweled. And Just like in Bejeweled, you need 3 or more to get the points, and anything more than 3 gets a combo……just like in Bejeweled!
But what’s not just like Bejeweled is the addition of totems, colored scary looking bastards that activate certain perks when you destroy two consecutive colours on the board!
You also collect special gems which you use to rent the totems and power ups, which no matter what always seem to run out!! You use your gems to activate a power up that gets you more gems, but you always collect less the what you paid so it’s utterly redundant and pointless on so many levels!
Each game lasts all of 4 seconds (there abouts) so its begun and finished before you register that you need to scratch your arse which makes the experience of the game….well….it lacks that all together! It’s also way to slow to level up and special features take forever to upgrade!
But having said that it’s still had me addicted for the past 252771 hours in a row! It’s a lot of fun for the train or late at night but don’t expect pulse pumping action, or any form of linear progress! I did! And I nearly cut myself.


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