QUICK FIX – Sanatorium (Slender man Sequal?)

It didn’t take long for Slender, 2012 indie release from Parsec Productions, to take off the ground [For more read the full Slender review HERE] But within only a few weeks there has been a new release. Sanatorium! The reason this post is only a quick fix is because its pretty much exactly like its predecessor Slender so I really can’t be fucked making a full duplicate post stating the same thing that is in my Slender review HERE!

But there has been a few changed, for one your no longer in a forest, instead you have been dumped into a strange hospital/mental ward building thing ,which to me is more scarier then a dark forest. flickering lights that go off at crucial times and the lack of a flash light does heighten the ‘peeing pants skill’ somewhat.

Although the ending is strange, having to shoot the Slender man after you collect the pages with a gun you suddenly decide to use does draw away most of the tension in the game.

Give it a try! you may like it, you may prefer the original slender better!!

Updates on Slender source coming soon!


2 comments on “QUICK FIX – Sanatorium (Slender man Sequal?)

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