Little big planet Vita


Ok so for those of you who read my posts you will know that I’m a big fan of adventure gaming! For those of you who don’t, FUCK YOU, but read this anyway! 🙂

So little big planet, to ME, is right up there with ratchet and clank, Daxter and all my other favourite games! I even brought the Ps Vita MONTHS before the game was released in anticipation! So when it was released I didnt hesitate to take a day off my European tour to download and play it. Was I disappointed? Well…read on!

Of cause, it has all you expect from your typical little big planet! Strange and quirky visuals, surreal environments, bouncy music and of cause, the cute as ass little sack boy! Now the key word here is ‘expect!’ because thats just it! Theres nothing new!

The game itself is pretty good, flowing nicely using the Vita’s controls and incorporates the touchscreen quiet well. It looks and feels like the actual console version, and includes online play also which is pretty good for a small handheld, and made me forget about the Deja vu feeling I had at the beginning!

Of cause with the good comes the bad! 10 fold! For fuck sake SoNy kudos for trying to be different with the rear touchpad, but don’t just throw the use of it in because you can! As I always say, a feature that pisses you off is hardly a feature! More of a statment! Fumbling with your hands back and fourth between the front and back screens is a pain in the royal ass, and seriously disrupts gameplay! It’s a cute idea in THEORY, but in THEORY, hitler could have began the worlds best selling mattress company! But here we are!

They also threw in stupid little mini games that have absolutely nothing to do with the overall storyline. Some don’t even include sack boy at all! Way to pad out the game! You did a shit job at even THAT because the entire game only lasts about 5 hours, if that!

Its a good game overall, and I applause Sony for making the most of the PS Vita’s capability, because I for one think it’s an amazing device! But there’s a limit of how much a game’s *erhmm* “features” can PISS YOU THE FUCK OFF!!

I give it a 7 and that’s generous! Don’t expect it to be new and revolutionary like Sony promised because it’s not! It’s a good game like the others and that’s it! Remember that! ‘Like the others!’



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