Kumo Lumo – WHAT THE??


Ok I was so taken back by this game that I just had to review it! Not that it’s a BAD game, it’s just…..well fucked up, to put it in the most simple term!

Basically, your a fluffy white cloud, with a deep black voice, floating around a planet, raining on, not only forests to make them grow, but also sheep and mountains!! Ok pretty normal so far… :-/

Your eventually attacked by these, black things which also spawn, other black cloud things, that use their, solar ray gun things set fire to forests, mountains and god willing sheep, which you also have to put out! You can also rain on sheep to make them float up so you can collect them to gain more water.

I must say it is a pretty addictive game but I also must say WHAT THE FUCK?? Who was the drunken, drugged out and quite possibly brain raped retard came up with the ideal that mountains needed to be watered on in order for them to grow?? Or that sheep fly away when they get wet, so that other clouds can eat them? Or decided to give a cute little WHITE CLOUD, a deep sexual BLACK voice??

Am I the only one lost?? Play it, and tell me what you think, ill wait……….

SEE WHAT I MEAN?? Effed up right? Don’t play it when your high!

Don’t let that from stopping you from playing it though; it will kill a bit of time on the morning train but I rate a 3 stars at most!! It’s unique, yeah but it’s also a little confronting seeing the image of ‘cute’ turn into a night in the Bronx very quickly!



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