iPhone 5

“The Biggest thing to happen to the iPhone since the iPhone” says Apple. Sound familiar? Yeah I’m pretty sure they said that about the iPad, and the iPhone 4, and they will most likely say it again.

Having said that the iPhone 5 does look pretty good. the screen is longer, but not wider allowing you to still hold it comfortably with 1 hand, while giving you a larger screen experience. The bottom side of the iPhone 5 looks pretty groovy, with redesigned speaker allowance and a new charger cable. Because Apple isn’t making enough money so they needed to come up with a way that ensured everyone had to buy something new. Amazing!

The Rear of the iPhone looks very nice, with a section of the back made of matte like metal which feels very nice on the hands. The camera is stowed away up the very top giving it a more sleek and simple appearance  On top of that the whole phone is 18% thinner than the iPhone 4, and 20% lighter, which makes this iPhone one of the best devices I have PHYSICALLY used in a while.

Now for the new features. If you have the iPhone 4 or 4S and you are wondering about the features of the iPhone 5, simply update your iPhone to iOS 6. There. Those are the features of the new iPhone 5! There’s no real feature in regards to the user interface that is exclusive to iPhone 5 which is a massive kick in the arse! There’s a few improvements with the internal hardware which we will cover in a bit but let’s face it the fun part of getting a new phone is playing around with the new programmes and cool new apps! iOS 6 comes with updated Siri so you can finally use her to find local business and map out directions, Panorama feature on the camera which works like a dream I must say, Facebook and Twitter incorporated into the iOS itself, making it accessible using Siri, an overall new look of the UI and much more. All of which is available to previous iPhone model users.

What the iPhone 5 does boast is improved performance using it’s upgraded A6 chip, lightning fast 3G network using LTE technology, and a larger 4 inch screen with 326 pixels per inch. Apple also claims improved battery life, with 8 hours 3G browsing time, 8 hours talk time and 10 hours of video play back.

Overall, the iPhone 5 will get most of its praise due to its looks, because it does look pretty shmick! But if your like me and enjoy the fun interactive part of getting new gadgets then you will be let down. iPhone 5 does not have these UI features exclusive, but it is still a nice phone to have. Personally I rate it a 3 and a half stars. It works well, it looks good, but Apple needs to finally make something new and more exciting for its users!


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