QUICK FIX – Sims 4 leaked video! We have it!

Sims has become quite the cult classic over the past few years! Because who doesn’t like rushing home from their busy lives flustered and tense, just to take care of virtual people also flustered and tense!
However, being the sims fanatic myself I was quite impressed when EA announced Sims 4!! Yay you say? So you should! The graphics are absolutely out of this world!! As seen by GameThief spies, on a leaked video made available to my team yesterday! We’ll feed you through the footage as soon as we can! So stay tuned!


2 comments on “QUICK FIX – Sims 4 leaked video! We have it!

  1. the-sims-4 says:

    As a huge Sims fan, I have to say that it would definitely be great to get a glimpse of the actual Sims 4 graphics quality texture. So I’ll definitely be coming back for leaked footage of Sims 4.

    • gamethief says:

      I’m Having Trouble tracking an exclusive preview 😦 Try Having A look at this link though, If you haven’t Already. It’s the best video that really shows off what the new graphic engin will be able to do!

      Also, I will have my copy in about 2 months, before it is released to the general public! So make sure you come back and i’ll tell you how it is before you buy! 🙂

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