What’s the Saying?

Remember that 4 pics 1 word game? That everyone go so caught up with everyone was having accidents because they played it while eating, working and driving? I know because I was one of them! That’s why it was no surprise that I was naturally drawn to ‘What’s the Saying?’ a box puzzle style brain teaser game, requiring logic and brain smarts. I have neither.
Each level features a small little picture riddle, which will be associated with a popular saying. For example, the letter C with an arrow under it could mean something like ‘Under the C.’ Shit like that! It’s cute!
There is not much more than that in regards to game play. You level up step by step, whilst being more and more tested. Each correct answer will gain 10 coins, which can buy letters to solve the phrase, or reduce the amount of letters to choose from.
The one thing, and ONLY thing, that gets to me about the gameplay is that fact that if you get the phrase wrong, it removes all letters and you have to input it starting again, letter by letter, which becomes incredibly frustrating if you have large clumsy fingers, and sometimes hit the wrong letter after inputting in a massive essay of a phrase.
But, end in all, it’s a great time passing game, and doesn’t draw too much attention to you if you want to play it whilst at work!
I’m Pretty sure it’s free, so give it a try! Let me know what you think!




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