Slender Rising – The new slender man

So, most of you gamers would have heard of the slender man fad that swept through the gaming society like 10 bees and a cat chasing them. It all started when parsec introduced their indie version of the German folk tale, Slender. A scary Suited man with no face, out to torture people stupid enough to wonder dark, desolate and obviously dangerous forests alone at night with nothing but a flash light.
But move the fuck over parsec because there is a WAY better version of your game available right on your iPhone! Slender Rising! Now you can Shit your pants anywhere, conveniently.
Developed by Michael Hagemann, Slender Rising utilises the full capacity of the iPhone to not only deliver far better and more convincing graphics than Slender by Parsec, but also includes different words and variations on those worlds to draw you in from the very beginning.
There are 4 worlds to choose; Haunted Forrest, Desolate town, Mental Hospital and dark ruins, which can all be played in Day, night (with flashlight) through night vision or during a storm. Each mode and world strikes a different feel, and mood allowing for more diverse gameplay, and keeps the user engaged for longer.
Just like the Parsec version, you wonder the world to find 7 pieces of paper or notes, from Slender. The endless mode, also provides endurance type gameplay, seeing how many notes you can collect before being caught. Once you are caught you have the chance to escape and continue collecting the notes. Slender man is now more animated and detailed, adding to the fear factor.
One thing I liked about Slender Rising is the lack of music. To me, I find this draws the user in more, adding a more realistic feel to the game. Nothing but footsteps, and the occasional ambience of the world is heard, contrasting with the sudden shriek when you see slender.
The controls are fucking annoying, however, having to select the point on the ground you wish to walk to, and then having to hold down the screen to run, breaks the flow of the game. Controls can be changed however so it’s not a massive deal.
This is a definite no brainer for any gamer wanting a quick, easy thrill without the risk of contracting an STD. and for $2.99 it is definitely worth it. I wouldn’t mind seeing a few more updates down the line though. It definitely has the room and potential for it.
Give it a click! Its good. Promise!





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