Candy Crush Saga

ImageTHAT’S RIGHT!! The much loved Facebook game has FINALLY, after 3 whole days become an iPhone app! Because no body in the whole fucking world saw this coming!! there’s only been around 172 games EXACTLY like it before but all these no life Facebook whores need something to eat up time while there waiting for their pregnancy test to come in. So what the hell! i’ll review it!’

Just like Bejewelled, Dr. Mario, and about 40 other games that I can think of, Candy Crush is all about matching the colours by swapping them around to make lines of 3 or more. and ALSO like¬†Bejewelled, Dr. Mario, and about 40 other games that I can think of, there’s various power ups that destroy large amounts of candy in different and colourful ways! There around 400 levels, with about 5 different game modes, which actually sets it ever so slightly apart from its predecessors. Some modes make you clear away jelly, others make you fight for points in a short time frame, making each level a joy to get to, even if it is a rip off of bejewelled!

But of cause, some ass hole decided there was money to be made, so the game has a limit of 5 lives, after which you have to either wait 20 minutes for a life, OR pay using real hard earned money to gain an extra 40 seconds of joy time. alternative you can ask your friends on Facebook for extra lives, because hey, they don’t have a fucking life either!!


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