Yes, it’s E3 Season once again in not so sunny, mug stricken L.A. welcoming developers, programmers, designers and more!! Of cause Australia is cheap so we just stream it straight to our TV’s! Yay! Illegal! 🙂

This years line up is said to be the biggest in 3 years! Here is an exclusive GameThief only sneak peak of what’s in store this year:

Nintendo Wii U is put under the raider by Majesco, InComm and Rebellion, as they pick the good and bad with Nintendos flag ship products. However, Nintendo has decided to Opt out compleatly from this years E3 Press Conference. hmm….

Microsoft will finally shed mroe light upod its newest flag ship product, the Xbox One. They will finally be showing the entire console, including the brand new game pad and Kinect.

Sony will actually allow the public to see its brand new Playstation 4! I personally think Sony only orginized this to rival against the brand new Xbox One console, also showing at this years E3. Sony also has plans to announce the ‘fate’ of their newest mobile gaming system, the PS vita. Sales are down Sony, but I love it!! isnt that enough?!

Brand new Titles, (Big ones) including Super Smash brothers Wii U, Watch Dogs, and Assasins Creed IV: Black Flag will be talked about, all 3 causing much a stir. Also announced is a new Call of Duty (Because who the hell saw that coming) and Battlefield 4. Grand Theft Auto V will NOT be mentioned however, which I find BULLSHIT!

The Unreal engine is also said to turn some heads. Unreal Engine 4 is an ultra powerful graphics and game engine, which was demoed during the launch of Sony’s PS4. Unreal Engine 4 is said to ‘Rip the seams between reality and game.’

And PLEANTY PLENTY more, including Steam Box, 4K, and Ouya will all be at this years E3 L.A.

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