Shadow of a Soul

ImageSTEP RIGHT UP FOLKS!!! Get ready for the next BIG thing to hit the survival Horror game market!! Vivec Games has OFFICIALLY announced that it will be DELAYED!!  AGAIN!!! YAY!! What a fucking surprise!

I understand that these guys want there first game to be amazing, but fuck sake people deliver!! And it’s quite annoying to hear that Vivec are offering to hand back refunds so nonchalantly, as if they don’t care about their fast growing fan base! IT’S AN OUTRAGE I SAY!!

Having said that, Shadow of a Soul – Chapter 1 is said to be the new Amnesia the dark decent, with high hopes that Vivec will even rival Frictional Games with this release, NOW set back until December this year.

I for one am not holding my breath, as this is the 3rd time they have set back their release, which they only make public well after the due date.

more information on Shadow of a Soul, and Vivec can be found at their website!

Check out the trailer, it’s pretty awesome!


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