Xbox One – The Bad and the Ugly


It’s no surprise that Microsoft has always had faults with their products. Their red ring of Death is even an iconic, half expected issue with the Xbox 360, slowly driving Halo lovers to tears, or even psychotic fits of rage. But this time! Xbox fans are now worried about the fate of their online personal information, gaming restrictions and online requirements needed to play games online, making Microsoft’s new flagship a little bit of a disaster!

In the past, Microsoft refused to comment regarding any changes made to the system. First of all, the Xbox One will need to be connected to the internet EVERY day for it to even function, making life very difficult for those who have a not so adequate internet connection. Having a poor internet connection should not stop you from enjoying games that you spend good money for. And I’m not talking about online games either. I mean that the Xbox One WILL NOT FUNCTION, PERIOD, if it is not hooked up to stable internet every day.  Trading games with online friends will also be restricted; Used games will not be able to be returned without Microsoft’s or the publishers permission, as well as a limit of 1 other person will be able to download your games. (Sony has had this restriction on their online market for a while now, which isn’t such an issue)


There are a few so-called ‘updates’ that Microsoft is clinging onto in a desperate attempt to scrape together selling points. One of which, is the ability to turn the Kinect camera off. That’s right folks, spend hundreds of dollars and we will allow you to turn hit off. Amazing!

The one selling point that I find cool though, is the new Xbox Family, which can be set up with multiple friends, and gives you the ability to trade games, downloads and more with people in your list. (up to 10 people)

With E3 2013 just around the corner, I think Microsoft is only trying to get rid of all the bad news in one big disappointing blow, so it can still wow crowds at its convention in L.A. Nice try Microsoft. But I think what will wow Xbox fans more, is if they ever see a ‘green ring’ on their Xbox instead of a red one.


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