Alienware at E3 – BRAND NEW DESIGN!

Imageomg omg OMG OMG YOU GUYS OMG!! Here’s something not even I knew!! Alienware is at E3!!! And boy do they have news for you!!

For a long time Alienware has lead the way for laptops, with their outstanding and unbeatable performance laptops and gaming machines. Now, they have completely re designed their image of their line of laptops, according on very surprised onlookers.

Magnesium alloy, solid charcoal finish casing, and smooth sexy rounded edges is a new take on their previous, more bulky models, such as the M17x, or as i like to call it, My Baby.  I have no news regarding the AlienFX keyboard just yet, but as for the track pad, it is now completely lit up, making this machine far more up to date.


Time to get technical now, nerds take your place! With Intel’s next generation core i7 4700MQ processor, nicknamed “Haswell” along side nVidia GTX 7XX Series GPU, 750GB HDD and MINIMUM 8 GB of RAM, the new Alienware is sure to smash the gaming market hard. Screen sizes range from 14″ up to 18″, similar to their R3 models, starting at $1,199. Not bad! The higher end model, Alienware 18 will also feature 1080p PLS display, Dual nVidia GTX 765M GPU and a slot loading drive.

I for one am extremely excited needless to say!!


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