Call of Duty: Ghosts


Call of Duty: Ghosts was obviously the main item featured by Infinity Ward at this years E3. There’s been alot of speculation as to whether or not they would be able to pull off yet another call of duty, that will stand out from the rest. Being a semi fan of Call of Duty, the one thing that stood out for me, was the spectacular graphics. But Call of Duty: Ghosts does take on a rather similar feel to Battlefield, which to me isn’t a very good thing.
Earlier game play demos showed off a few new features, including underwater combating, extraordinary realistic cinematic combat, and, say hello to Call of Duty’s newest arrival, Ruff the Military Fighting dog! (Actual name is Riley but let’s face it Ruff is a WAY cuter name to yell out while your being mauled to death)

Riley the Military Service Dog (Aka- Ruff)

Riley the Military Service Dog (Aka- Ruff)

The game itself is very dramatic, seemingly for the sake of being very dramatic. The opening has you ziplining through canon fire, helicopters dropping shit and even fireworks. Chinese new years? I don’t know the game doesn’t tell you! I think they just needed an excuse to fire some pyro technics because it looks pretty! Having said that though, it does look pretty! Amazing in fact! One level requires you to laser cut a hole through glass, then kick it open. The tiny glass pieces are completely visible, glistening light from the burning heat from the laser look absolutely spectacular. The underwater level is done well, with small floating bits of wood rendered very clearly, and the smallest of air pockets and bubbles in clear view. These sort of graphics really let us see just how powerful the next gen consoles coming out after E3 are.


Call of Duty: Ghosts is very stealth based, as the title would suggest. Linear game play is usually standard when it comes to Stealth Game play, but Call of Duty: Ghosts manages to break the line, with super intelligent AI, forcing the player to duck without notice, adding extra tension and reality to game play.
Infinity also boasts it’s new ‘Contextual Leaning System’, which works by identifying a players interaction with any given object when leaning around a corner. This is said to dramatically reduce accidental ‘stepping out of cover’ when trying to lean. Call of Duty’s predecessors reserved peaking and leaning to PC titles. But infinity Ward has now promised to carry on this feature across all platforms.

There is alot of potential still of the Call of Duty franchise, as long as Infinity Ward continues to boast new and exciting features.


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