Microsoft’s Disgusting disregard to their Xbox Fans

Microsoft Xbox is already up shit creek with their announcment of so many dissapointing aspects of their new Xbox One, announced at this years E3 L.A. Convention. But it is their most recent comment, made by Xbox Official Don Mattrick that has disgusted and outraged faithful Xbox fans.


When asked by GN reporter about the Xbox One’s internet requirement setback, Mattrick arrogantly replied: “We have a product for those who don’t have proper connectivity, it’s called the Xbox 360.”
GN’s reporter was visibaly taken back and shocked by the remark, and stumbled to gice the response: “So, that’s it? That’s your response?”

The comment is a real insight on the little care Xbox has for it’s patient fans, who made Xbox what it is today, despite Microsofts many many many many floors.

Game Thief was informed of a video of the remark, but was suspiciously taken off the internet shortly after viewing.

I think the company needs a serious overhaul, begining with the sacking of arrogent pricks like Mattrick.

View the awkward moment here:


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