nVidia Shield Handheld – Straight from E3


Straight from E3 L.A. 2013, a product that I would NEVER had thaught exsisted!! A brand new handheld gaming device from nVidia, The nVidia Shield!

The fairly chunky unit was prototyped back in January this year, but has since been cut and polished, and featured at E3 2013. High quality, and re inforced plastic does its job to make the console strong and durable, yet retains a smooth soft feel. The D-pad has a slight curve, for imporved accuacy and comfort, as well as indented joy sticks for smooth control. The nVidia Shield also features semi press L2 and R2 buttons. The L1 and R1 buttons however are not softpress, similar to the control of the Xbox 360.


The unit does seem to be based around Android functionality, hosting many Android demos, ie. Conduit. The 720p 5″ screen makes for stunning graphics and smooth rendering throughout gameplay.

Playing whilst  connected to a PC did somehow bring my rating down slightly, as latency was quite high some moments, even with minimal WiFi interference,  which did break the flow of game play. Most other times however, graphics and controls ran smoothly, as if I were playing locally.

Around the back, we find HDMI output and USB connectivity, as well as a fully functional SD memory card slot.


So far the nVidia Shield will cost between $300 and $400. Compared with one of my other favorite handhelds, the PS Vita, that price is quite reasonable.


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