Tekken Card Tournament

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So, ONCE, and I mean ONCE, in a blue moon, there comes a turn based stradegy game that I actually like! Shocking I know! The first and only other one was Final Fantasy Tactics on the bloody Gameboy Advance more than 10 years ago! Now, because we are in the day and age of iPhone apps and games, and because my partner forced me to download it, I now have Tekken Card Tournament, a card based TBS game for iOS.
For those who have’nt played Tekken, it’s basically a less interesting version of Mortal Combat. You kick, you punch, and thats pretty much it. But instead of button mashing, Tekken Card Tournament (let’s call it TCT) utilises different types of cards with the different moves and attacks on each. Some cards are worth more than others, and either deal more damage, implement a special feature, or just glow around the edges of the card, turning out to be fucking useless.
photo 2
Different cards can be purchased using gold, that you earn from kicking arse, or sold for more gold. Each character has it’s own set of cards, making gameplay varied and always fresh, but there are only 8 characters, ranging from Pauly D mowhawk jerk (Paul) to ‘raving dancing Panda bear (Panda). 8 characters can be improved upon but isn’t too bad of a number considering the game is still relitivally new.
Gameplay itself is surprisingly simple and easy for a card based game. You have three options, FOCUS draws a new card from your deck, STRIKE belts their pretty faces in, and BLOCK reduces damage to your own pretty face. Essentually it boils down to Rock Paper Scissors. Each win gets you credits or gold, and EXP to level up, as long as you have Stamina. Sometimes you get new cards which can be sold straight away!
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The game also has online playability, where you can fight other players also online in real time. Although being an online based game, it feels the need to sit and ‘Proccess’ every time you go from menu to menu, as well as needing to ‘Update’ every second day. You also get rewards every 2 seconds, which defeats the pourpose of getting rewards. So gold literally comes flooding in every day, all day! I thaught this was just a waste until I discovered that some cards cost over 100,000!

Its a good game, not a great one! I can deffinitly see some improvement updates coming along very soon. I do reccomend it, especially for those who can’t be stuffed with other ‘Yu gi Oh’ style, over complicated for the sake of being over complicated card based games!


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