Apple iOS 7 Announced



Apple has just realised iOS 7, and I for one am amazingly excited!!

The newer, sexier, slimmer and more proffesional operating system for Apple devices, utilizes the crisp look of frosted glass, brigh colours and curved features. iOS 7 also comes inbuilt with Control Centre, similar to Notification centre, with quick toggles for Flight mode, DND mode, rotation lock, WiFi and Bluetooth, and more. There is even a flashligh toggle built right in! Clever! Check out some of the Major features:

-Multi Tasking now works with every app. You can now also swipe easliy from app to app.

-Air drop is now making its drop in to the device, allowing you to share photos and files to other nearby iOS users simply by tapping on their face!

-iOS 7 has upgraded the camera, now including filters built right into the camera app, as well as easy swiping through capture modes.

-iTunes Radio will now apprently be free for all users.

-Apps will now update automatically frmo the AppStore!!!

iOS 7 is offering alot more than just a ,major facelift. I’m yet to see it for myself, and I am not too sure weather or not it will be available on older devices or just the iPhone 5. More details as they come!!




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