Look Whos Buying – Playstation vs. Xbox Stats


p>Yeah yeah, like i’m surprised that Playstation kicked Xbox’s arse in the pre-sales. Who on MARS didn’t see that outcome? What I didn’t expect is how HARD Playstation kicked Xbox’s arse. Let’s just say, Xbox is now laying face down in a pool of its own piss and shame.

Like every other year at E3, Sony,  Nintendo and Microsoft *COUGH* wankers  grab the three top places for the number of pre sales. E3 2013 prooved a shocking embarasment for Xbox One. A massive and well deserved chunk goes to Playstation 4, with 81% of the presales. Followed very closley….to the BOTTOM by Xbox One….with 12%. It’s almost laughable. Nintendo grabbed the last 7% but that’s ok, because Nintendo is the loyal puppy we’ve all had since we were 5, that needs little attention, and only occasionally shits on the rug! But Xbox One is rivalling Playstation 4 like they are fighting for the world!

E3 2013 was an absolute cannonball for Microsoft. Their flagship has crashed, burnt and is slowley sinking! Disgrace!

Both consoles, Playstation 4 and Xbox One are available for pre-sale on Amazon. Playstation 4 is $399, and for some reason Xbox One is $499, but no one wants those anyway!



2 comments on “Look Whos Buying – Playstation vs. Xbox Stats

  1. vr says:

    bear in mind these are USA prices… but yeh xbox is being preordered in australia for i think close to 600. not worth it intially but once the price goes down id probably get one if just for halo 5 and 6

    • gamethief says:

      Oh of cause, I forgot to mention AUS pricing! You should work for me!! haha
      And you are compleatly right, it is entirely not worth the price, and I hardly think Microsoft will lower the pricing for at least for a little while. I posted Playstation and Xbox side by side recently and Honestly Xbox One in comparison to PS4 seems like a joke!

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