Nintendo Wii U

Wii_u_headerI know, this was released ages ago, but I havent actually done a proper review on it. And even now I’m crying over how disappointed I am that my king Nintendo, that amazing giant in the sky manged to release such a shitty system.
Ok so its not THAT bad, but it’s really not that good either, not even close! Let me transpire my thought process as I picked it up for the first time:    “Oh there’s another Wii, I already have one so I do__OH that’s the Wii U, hmm looks the same as the normal Wii. Where’s the control…..can’t be this massive chunky TV thing can it? OH it is well there you go! Is it gonna break? Do I touch the screen pr the buttons now? It’s not working!”
All honestly at first glimpse I found the control cheap, fragile and grubby. Both the Control and Console unit is off white, and looks old, dirty and out-dated. Design is a total let down from the word go. So how does it perform?
I was only able to play Super Mario Wii U, which wasn’t too bad. The game itself flows nicely and is rendered quite well, whilst still keeping up the old school Super Mario feel. Controlling the game however, was made difficult and frustrating at times, with moments having to make you use the screen on the control. It’s so big and chunky that You have to let go of some buttons, hold it with one hand and use the other hand to do whatever you need to do on the screen. It doesn’t sound bad but it’s simply shit! Nintendo have focused so much time into making a BIG screen controller, failing to take into account the fact that big doesn’t mean easy to use!
The touch screen itself is also a little stiff and ever so slightly unresponsive, making precision platforming that much more frustrating.
The games that Nintendo anticipate on releasing range from Nintendo Land to Call of Duty and even Assassins Creed! So I have no doubt Wii U is more than capable under the hood. It does feature IBM based Multicore, 2GB DDR3 RAM and peak bandwidth of just under 12.9GB/s.
What I did find a turn on is the controller can be treated as an independent handheld console, which has its own wireless card built-in. The battery only lasts UP TO 4 hours however so it’s a little bit os a stretch if that’s all you plan on doing with it.
Look it’s not a TERRIBLE unit, but I just expecting a lot more from the people who raised me. I would like to, however se where the unit grows from here.

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