The Last of Us PS3 gains Epic reviews

All over the Interwebs, Critics proclaim it to be ‘near perfect’ and ‘outstanding. But what makes it so good? Let’s have a look.20130621-110850.jpg
First impressions of this game is stunning, Graphically, and emotionally. Set in a deshevield American town, after an uncontrolable fungi slash virus wipes out the population. You control Joel, about 20 years after mankind destroyed. As the town life and city scapes are quickly reclaimed by mother nature, the Last of Us contradicts beatiful back drops of nature and tranquility, with dispair and misery. The game always brings the player back to the feeling loss and pain, with unexpected events, death and perfectly set lighting. The scene is sewt from the moment you turn on the game. Little side events that happen in the background are placed there for a reason, adding to the realism. Although sometimes it is noticable that the game is doing somthing on purpose.

While the Story may revolve around the fact that mankind is obliderated astetically, it feels more as if the STORY LINE is more focused on the interaction between your character, Joel, and Ally, whos backstory is planned and set remarkably well. While we as the player will relate to Joel and most other characters in the game, with them previously having a normal life before the virus, Ally was born into the chaos and misery less than 20 years ago. Her idea of a life is consistant drama. Her childhood non exsistant lined up next to Joel’s standards. Their interactions are nothing more than poetic, and perfect.

Game play, as you may already know is in third person. You not only have to defend yourself from other humans such as oppressers, goverment officials and outlaws, but the virus has mutated healthy humans into beings known so creativly as ‘The Infected.’ They are not silent, or stealthy, which takes away from the suspence, but does do somethin to add to the urgency avoiding them hurting you. There are also half infected, known as runners, and the chronically infected, the clickers which can call game over with one bite. The infected are not smart, and do not do much to watch their step and stay alive, unlike humans, who are smart and work together. This kind of interaction from the A.I. makes each combat situation different and unpredictable, requiring you to be on the ball and alert at all times. Ammo is extreamly limeted, forcing Joel to, wherever possible, use his hands nd a knife to quietly and quickly take out the unknowing. What I do LOVE about the Last of Us is the ability to combine items, glass bottles to Kitchen supplies you find in the enviroment, to create different weapons and fighting equipment to be used. Items you find are used to create items, which are used again to create other items. It swings a little too close to the crafting system of MineCraft, leaving alot of the design work up to you, to figure out what combination of what makes what! What I did like however, is the game does NOT pause while you make these items. Using a health kit can either save you or kill you, if there are enemies around to watch you do it. The sence of urgency is greatly increased, adding again to the realism.
The camera however is a severe kick to the nuts though, half the time the action is behind your massive head that somehow manages it’s way up to the lens! Movement is often slow and laggy, breaking flow of combat, and making precision action near impossible! There also seems to be a shit load of scissors and tape (for making shives) that are found conveniently and perfectly placed next to each other!

The Last of Us is being dubbed, a Masterpiece, fetching 10 out of 10 reviews accross the board. From stunning graphics to engenious story line and human interaction, it’s a game a deffinitly reccomend!


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