Xbox One – Voice Commands WILL NOT WORK


As if Microsoft needed any more reasons for us NOT to buy their new donkey ship Xbox One Console. But now it seems that the much talked about Voice Command system will only be available in a few selected regions, leaving the rest of the world (Australia Included) in the dark, until….well whenever they feel like it! 

The exact cause of the disappointing announcement is unknown, but recent interview with product developer Albert Penello revealed how language localization and dialect could be the key trouble maker. (Because American English and Australian English is REALLY THAT different!) 

Microsoft has also announced that they have absolutly NO plans for use of the Xbox One unit without kinect, or a steady internet connection. 

On the upside, they have however released their new plan that wil enable Xbox game owners to SELL (not trade) SELL second hand games over the internet to other Xbox owners. While this feature is a great idea in theory, it still does not beat the traditional way of simply handing your friend a game you don’t play anymore. 

I think Xbox needs to go away and think about what they have done!


2 comments on “Xbox One – Voice Commands WILL NOT WORK

  1. Brian says:

    Ummmm. I hope this is just a blog and not an article because you’re clearly a fan boy. You’re gonna sit there and tell me that it’s better to hand a friend a disk verses being able to sell it online to anyone? How is trading discs better than being able to sell digital games and buying ones that are on sale online?

    • gamethief says:

      Well my friend, when i was younger, my parents saved up for years to buy me an xbox origional, but didnt know they had to buy games with it! They couldnt afford them! So i had to rely on friends to let me BORROW their discs so i could play! Are you saying today, if some poor boy cant afford a game, but their friend is willing to let him use his disc, that its too bad for him and he should go and buy it? its not all about money you know!
      And i am not a fan boy. All i used to play was microsoft products i assure you!!

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