Samsung Galaxy S4 – Top 8 features you didn’t know about

We all know that the Samsung is loaded with brand new and exciting nick nacks to make searching through music and photos overly complicated yet fun! But there are still so many features hidden within this little jelly bean that are actually useful, and not just a gimmick!


1. Pop the keyboard out and move it around for multi-tasking.
Yes, I know, the keyboard does sometimes get in the way with any smartphone. It’s a common first world problem. Especially when you have more than 1 app running at the same time. This tip comes in especially useful on the Samsung Galaxy note series! Simply press and hold the settings button when using the default Qwerly keyboard map, and select the ‘Pop’ keyboard option. This will allow the keys to ‘float’ around the screen to be put anywhere you want!

2. Minimize Youtube videos into a movable smaller player.
You can do this using the Video player to, by pressing the Pop video button, similar to the Pop keyboard function. But swiping downward while playing a video in the Youtube App will minimize it into a smaller floating window, that will play while you continue to search more videos! Pinching will also allow you to zoom in and out, as well as adjusting the brightness and volume! Go ahead. Try it!

Try these :)

Try these 🙂

3. Adjust in-call audio settings
See those buttons around the call screen? I didn’t know what they were either! Turns out they can do some pretty nifty things to the sound while your on the phone. The one on the top will adjust the equalizer  or adapt to the phones audio surroundings, making it easier to hear the call when driving or in noisy environments. Noise reduction will cut out back ground noises, and the Volume boost makes hearing loud speaker calls much easier!

4. Limit your Data usage. 
Keep going over your data plan? Try setting a limit in the Data Usage option under settings. Drag the 2 lines to where you want it to cut you off! The orange line will warn you when your abut to be charged through the bottom!

5. No need to look at your phone to know if you need to look at it!
Smart Alerts will vibrate when you pick up your S4 if there are any notifications requiring your attention! Set it up in the Gestures and motions tab in My Device under

6. Change the arrangement of the quick toggles.
Swiping down with 2 fingers will bring up a whole panel of Quick toggles that you can re arrange as you want to see them in the notification panel!

7. Using gloves?
Throw those bummy looking gloves with the cut out fingers away! Activate extra sensitivity under Display in My device Settings to use your phone with gloves on!

8. Set up a WiFi Timer.
Just like Data usage Limiting, You can stop your phone from using too much data over Wifi! Simple activate it under Advanced Wifi settings, and select the times you want to disconnect from the internet. Great for stopping the kids from using the net late at night!


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