2 Brand new iPhones – iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

So it appears lately that the Apple market has began to fall slightly, following the release of Samsung’s S4, and Note 8 and 10.1″ Tablets. But what Apple has decided to do now, is a great idea in THEORY, but doesn’t actually seem like they have really done well. Because their new release of the iPhone 5C, which is meant to be a cheaper more cost effective alternative to the iPhone 5S, is still $739 AUD. But let’s come back to the 5C. 


What’s more exciting is Apple’s iPhone 5S announcement. With brand new features including larger pixels, a 64-bit A7 chip and a finger print scanner built into the home button (pretty awesome) the iPhone 5S has been dubbed ‘the most looked forward to release.’ Even though Apple says this about EVERY release. The camera has now been updated, including an 8 MP camera, supporting slow motion video capture and Burst capture modes. The A7 chip will apparently be twice as fast as its predecessor, the A6. Although the 64GB will cost as much as $1129 AUD, and most of, (if not ALL of) it’s features are included as standard in Samsung’s Galaxy range, the iPhone does still have a little bit of a spark among the market. They are slim, sexy, and opulent. And let’s face it. iPhone’s will always be iPhones. And that’s justification enough!


The iPhone 5C is Apples final chance to flood the market with a cheaper alternative which will use Google’s Android operating system. Straight off the bat my opinion is Apple is silently giving the middle finger the Samsung, by cheapening their primary operating system but slapping it on a low cost product. But that’s MY opinion. Despite the still hefty price tag, $869 AUD for 32GB, the cheap and tacky looking unit gives off an outdated feel straight out of the box. The flimsy, less than durable plastic bezel is only made a little more sturdy with a thin steel frame around the edge.  The iPhone 5C still features a rear only 8MP camera and 4 inch retina display, running with an A6 chip inside. The unit is to combat low priced Smartphones powered by iPhone in China. 

At the end of the day, you are either iPhone, or Samsung. Or Sony, now that they have released their new Xperia phone, which I will be reviewing early next month. 

Stay tuned for more iPhone news!! 🙂



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