GTA V – Grand Theft Auto Five


Well, Grand Theft Auto V is finally here, and will more than 800 Million Dollars made off the game in a single day world wide, the hype for Rockstar’s best asset has never been higher! But how is the game? Let’s take a look!

The first reaction will you get straight out of the box is ‘WOOAahhh!’ as you pull out the massive map included in the box. It is unbelievably big. San Andreas set the bar for large maps with it’s multiple island Blaine County (Northern Country. What surprises me is the people from each county actually act the part. In the city, you get rich, upper  (to a degree) well speaking people driving nice cars, and littered with pimps and whores; and in the south, you get your country bumpkin, tobacco spitting, crap car driving red necks, littered with pimps and whores. It really does a lot to add to the experience of the game, while driving from one side to the other. The map being so large, however, still has a lot of open and unused space. The entire map only has about 20 to 25 different things to actually do which does make the size of the map a little redundant. However, It is still quite amazing.


In the city, your main characters are Franklin and Michael. Franklin, your typical black homie “N WORD NWORD NWORD”  swearing mumbling gangster guy, with a big heart and loyalty up the black arse  (My favorite guy)  and Michael. The rich, over protective ‘family man’ with a family so shit he might as well have screwed a bag of manure. From the south you get guys like Trevor, which I think Trevor deserves his own paragraph.

Trevor. If there was any game character that needed a trophy for best voice acting and script writing, it’s Trevor. From the introduction of this man and even while your playing his character and demeanor simply does an amazing job at making you feel like your part of the red neck society.  Trevor is a Meth addict and maker. His incredibly hot temper and Jack Nicholson / Heath Ledger as the Joker style dark humor does the job conveying a realistic and convincing insight into the world of underground drug dealership.

ImageWhat’s great about this game is you have the ability to switch between each character, either during a mission to get the best shooting angle, or outside of a mission, allowing you to complete missions set with the character you choose. Franklin also has a little doggie, Chop, that can also be switched to during missions, allowing you to sniff out further clues required for that mission.

Heists in the game are also included, which are now bigger, better and so much fun! The first heist you will come into is a Jewellery store robbery, which requires you to choose your getaway driver, alarm programmer, gun man, and weather or not you want to run in blazing with guns or do it smart. I chose to do it nice and stealthy, so I needed to first collect some knockout gas by intercepting a chemical truck, before stealing another truck and further supplies before even starting the mission! It’s Great! Each character can be found in your cell phone, and are sorted by skill level. he higher the skill, the bigger the cut!


You also have access to your iFruit smart phone, which is the most realistic in game smart phone ever! Rockstar games would have spend weeks putting together and making customized websites, links, stock pages, and brand names that is all displayed on what I actually thought was a real web browser. The best part of it for me is the stock trading ,which allows you to buy stocks and sell them when they are high!

Controlling your character is a little bitchy, though. The controls are non-accurate, boldly rounded and a touch laggy, especially when walking around. Simple things like walking through a narrow doorway can turn into a frustrating ordeal, especially when you are in such a rush! Apart from this tiny little annoyance, the game is stunning, fun to play, well told and brilliantly finished off.  It’s a definite 9 out of 10 stars.

You can win YOUR own copy here!


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