Phone Bloks – The smart phone of the future!

A recent short video clip was released explaining how people waste phones and throw out their entire phone just because one small aspect of the phone failed. Phone Bloks (video posted below) is a new type of phone, which allows you to mix and match different components of a phone, like the camera, Bluetooth chip, CPU and more, and place them like legos onto the main bored how ever way you want. If you want a better camera, buy yourself a bigger camera module from your choice of developers and stick it in! Don’t need a speaker? take it out! Or change over the CPU! Maybe you want a keypad instead of a touch screen! BAM! put it in! Get the Idea?

The concept itself is amazing, simplistic and purely user friendly, whilst helping to minimize tech pollution.But what are the downsides to such a great idea?

Smart phones are designed in a specific way, in order to get the highest performance in the smallest space possible. Big companies like Apple and Samsung take years perfecting the correct combination and configuration of different components to ensure the longest and best life span of all electronic equipment. Leaving this choice up to the consumer, while sounding pretty fancy and easy, will lower performance and open up millions of different problems. And, Having infinite numbers of different configurations will make tech support a living hell! 

What do you think? Have a look at the video link and leave your comment below! Do you think this will work!?


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