Ittle Dew – Rip off Game of the Week

ImageEvery now and again, someone, somewhere, rips off a game so hardcore that it’s almost intoxicating. This weeks rip off title is Ittle Dew, by Ludosity. The game it’s ripping off? My legendary favorite, Zelda – Minish Cap/Ocarina of Time. Instead of Link, you play as Dew, a green wearing darker blonde boy suddenly thrown into the world of magic and chaos. Instead of Navi, you have a flying dog thing carrying a bottle of what, at first, looks like booze that hes clutching onto for dear life. For those of you who do not know, Zelda is my absolute gem of gaming. The Pinnacle of my gaming life. So naturally, I downloaded this in the hopes that it would live up to what it HOPED to be. No..nnn…no. Like always, Let’s start with the good.


The graphics are very well done, and does a lot of bring that cartoon classic RPG feel to the modern screen. enemies are surprisingly varied, each with there own strength and weakness.  Enemies also have their own card which you collect within the castle and 3 dungeons. And Dungeons are quite in depth and interesting to walk around, offering different options and alternative routs. 

Although the Dungeons are little medium / large, there is only 3 of them. The castle is massive, but you can knock that out in about an hour! And only because you have to keep returning to it. There are only 4 different items, 1 of which isn’t really an item, but are quite cleverly programmed in together, making it fun and interesting using them to solve different puzzles. There’s a freezing wand to use on objects and enemies, a teleport wand to teleport objects enemies or even yourself around the room, and a fire sword to set things ablaze while you laugh at their pain!  Puzzles themselves, however,  are OK at best, offering little challenge and variate. It is almost always the standard “Push Block onto This and Stand on This” solution, which I admit sometimes is bloody hard, but most of the time it’s f***ing easy.  


End in All, the game is good. Not worth the $15 from steam, or the $5 from the App/GooglePlay store. It’s just too short. Although it’s fun and engaging, there is not enough of the game itself to warrant it a full 5 star review. I want to see more from Ludosity. I think they have a lot more to offer!


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