Pocket Mine – The Casual Gamer


Casual games! Ahhhh! The best thing to do while in the bathroom! This weeks Casual Gamer favorite is Pocket Mine. A new Minecraft like casual game that is dangerously addictive! The aim? Tap your way down the min as far as you can get! You only get a set amount of taps so beware!

You play as a little mine person which can be modified with different costumes and outfits. You start off with a pretty basic pick axe, which only has around 20 – 30 digs in it before it breaks, only allowing you to use it 20 – 30 times. Some blocks take 2 taps before it breaks, using up 2 digs off your pick axe! simple! As you go down the mine, you collect gold, ore, diamonds and coal which can be used as cash to purchase pick axe upgrades and more. Down the mine, you also find different types of explosives to blow up a group of blocks, and different power ups that are set at the start of each dig by 3 random cards.


Cards are a big part of Pocket Mine. You find them during your dig in the mine. Each Card has a different trait. for example, 1 card might say “100% more Bombs” Which will mean, well, 100% more bombs in that mine! You get 3 cards each game that really make things a lot more exciting. Cards are incredibly varied and there are a LOT of them! Cards can also be infused together to create stronger cards, if you happen to find 2 of the same card in the mine, giving even more dynamic to the game.


The downside? Oh yes there is a downside. Almost bad enough to render this game, as good as it is, SHIT! This game has an ENERGY SYSTEM! My mortal enemy! A system that some fuck-tard put together that says “FUCK YOU user! Your not allowed to play unless you have energy even though you paid of this game!”  Energy systems are the most useless system to gaming since the Wii U.

Apart from that, the game is actually a lot of fun, and dangerously addictive! so BE WARNED!


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