Rayman Legends – PS Vita


HELOOO Loyal thieves and welcome back to Game Thief! Yes I know it has been a while since I posted a little blurb up for you to read and hopefully chuckle at but FRET NO MORE! Here is one for you right now!

Rayman – Origins was one of the best selling titles on the PS Vita for quite some time. The popular game by Ubisoft got rave reviews and amazing player ratings all over Australia. So it’s no shock that the big time developers decided to make a sequel. In one word? Confusing! But I know I know we always start with the good, right?

As any good game developers should, they have kept the charm and pure fun that we all have come to love about Rayman. Controlling Rayman is just as smooth and well laid out as it was in Rayman Origins.  The sets and vibrant levels are incredibly thought out and unpredictable. One level has you whizzing about smashing walls and enemies while being perfectly timed to music! At the end of the level I was left with a ‘WOW, Let’s do that Again!’ buzz which is rare in any visual media these days! 


The game now has co-op play which was greatly missed in the last title, which allows you to connect up to another played on the same network. There is now a whole bunch of other content to be played together, such as a soccer mini-game, as well as daily and weekly challengers, where you play against ghost players of people around the world! Mint!

What I do NOT like is the why that Ubisoft tried to incorporate the touchscreen into the game. There are now levels that you play as Murphy using just the touch screen, requiring you to tap enemies, cut ropes and other tedious and not fun things to get the automatic player from one side of the level to the other. Meanwhile, I’m sitting there thinking ‘I wish I was having as much fun as the AUTOMATIC FUCKING PLAYER!’ Each of these levels start with Rayman waving and saying ‘Over to you Murphy’ which is followed immediently by my annoyed sigh and a tighter angry grip on the Vita. Rayman is not a touchscreen game! The touch screen is not needed! Some games need to be left alone and only tweaked here and there!


So why would a game like this be confusing? Well they have gone for a completely different level select structure than before. Turns out that user friendly game maps are so early 2005! The idea is cute, having to jump into different paintings for each level like Super Mario 64, but there are so many different rooms and different paintings which makes getting to a specific level a nightmare! Think of it like having a million folders on your desktop, each one containing another million folders, and then each one of THOSE containing 1 level! Horrible! You also can win levels from Rayman Origins game which is a brilliant idea, but jumping from Origins paintings back to Legends paintings just makes the whole experience confusing and annoying. 


The Game is Good, but it is not better that Origins! It’s not even as good as Origins. It’s just good. BORDERLINE good. I recommend getting it when the price drops a little lower! 


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