The Waterproof Samsung Galaxy S4 Active

Lately, smart phones have been coming out that all advertise water and dust resistance to a curtain level. But I’ve never been that comfortable to actually test it out underwater. Until now!

I heard about the Samsung Galaxy Active when my regular Samsung S4 was stolen (cure word curse word) but I was more than happy for my network carrier to ship to me the newest flagship from Samsung, the Active, which they ensured was waterproof! After looking up the phone on YouTube, and watching other people put their phone underwater i decided I will try it out! The below photo is the result:


Amazing isn’t it? Let’s not forget that a PHONE took this, as well as using nothing but the front facing camera! Let’s DIVE into some more detail about the phone!


Straight away you notice the different look with new hard buttons and more robust backing. The model is a TOUCH taller than the Galaxy S4 but overall they are the same size. It still features 4.2.2 Jelly bean so operating the phone is just the same. 4G is of cause activated on the S4 Active, but can be found to run a little slower than usual at times. The speaker is clear and crisp and the microphone picks up voice very well and clearly when using speaker phone, and just like the S4, is still running a 1.9GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 chipset, and 2GB of RAM. Although storage can be expanded to 64GB, there is only 16GB available internally (around 11GB usable) which isn’t too much of a worry unless you are a heavy movie or app installer, which all run for quite a while on the S4 Active’s 2600mAh battery.


Unfortunately, as much as I do like this phone, there is quite a list of cons that seem to out weight the good. First off, the design. It looks nice and feels nice. But the hard touch buttons eventually begin to feel weak and flimsily, which may open up problems in the future. They are probably put there due to the fact that while underwater, the touch screen is completely useless. The slightest amount of water on the screen renders the touch functionality totally unusable, making the volume keys the only way to take photo’s or video underwater. So, while taking phone calls in the shower technically does work (Yes i have tried it!) when it comes to hanging up or having to use the screen for anything, you may run into a lot of frustrating times. The phone itself takes a while to dry internally, which also renders the speaker and mic useless for a few minutes or longer while it dries. To me, this is a small price to pay to take amazing underwater photos but I thought it may annoy some people to include it.

Taking aquatic photos may also be a good way of cooling the device, as it tends to run a little hot! Utilizing the same battery power as well as more insulated casing sounds not so smart. The screen itself is also LCD, not AOLED, so colours are not so vibrant and the blacks are not so deep. Again, not so much of a big deal. I only noticed because I really looked into it.

The phone is great but I would’n recommend to to anyone that will  not use the waterproof camera. Although being completely waterproof is an amazing feature, it seems that the Active has ONLY this amazing feature.



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