Since forever, the idea of the paranormal has always fascinated human kind! So It’s no surprise that Game developers have been riding the band wagon for years now pumping out anything that is remotely spooky scary or just plain cruel! So without further a due I present to you Lucius, the little demon seed boy that you just want to kick in his grudge ripoff face.


The idea of going around killing people in gruesome and unusual ways gets you off doesn’t it? YES it does don’t lie, so there’s no question that in theory, Lucius is one amazingly fun game.You control Lucius, a young boy with the the devil as his father, who wonders around his parents enormous mansion gathering souls to bring back to the devil, who apparently lives in Lucius’ bedroom. Your diary, which thankfully your parents do not find, has all your victims written in it. Each kill gains a new power or strengthens an existing power, such as telekinesis, which you use for the next kill, and so on. Each Kill or ‘Chapter’ begins with you waking up in your bedroom, which breaks the flow of the story line a little. 


Killing people isn’t as simple as it seems though. Each one is like a puzzle, with only ONE specific method to get the job done! each kill requires you to figure out EXACTLY what to touch and press at the EXACT right time while the stars are PERFECTLY aligned above the third hair on your left ball sack! As the game goes on you begin spending 80% of the game play time wondering around the endlessly large mansion trying to figure out what to do or where to go! One kill required me to move boxes from one room to another  which had no relevance to what I actually had to do to progress the Story! I later realized that what I did was a chore which grow your good behavior! Useless! utterly useless! Crucifixes within the house also drain your power unless turned up side down, which is a nice touch. However they do not do anything to you unless you are close enough to practically lick Sacred Jesus’ Feet, so it’s a little redundant! Power regenerates immediately anyway. 

The Game lacks direction, and says FUCK IT! Wonder around on your own and figure shit out by yourself! There’s no proper tutorial or help if you get stuck, making you guess your way through the entire story! I gave up when I was told to kill the head maid. That’s it! I looked it up online and it turns out I had to wait for ages until she got up from her chair then I had to go into the kitchen with something I found in a another room and poison her food and god knows what else!


Overall the game is fun until you have to close it down every 5 minutes to look up the FAQ online to see what you have to do next, how to use your power or how to play the game in general. The game was not taught out enough, and it is clear that it was pushed out as fast as possible! 2 stars at best.


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