Top 5 Android Games

Between Android and Apple, I would honestly have to incline towards Apple for having the better quality games in their store. But i decided to review a few little hidden trinkets in the Android market since it’s a topic not touched upon much. So here we go!


#5 Burger Shop | Arcade

Ever since the Wedding Dash craze started, there has been wave after wave of these arcade, ‘mini-game made larger’ apps available. I honestly love them but I began losing faith in them until GoBit Games, a small unknown developer came out with Burger Shop. Your objective? Make burgers. Sound boring? It kind of was at the start, but slowly but surely as the levels went on, more and more features and objectives made the game harder and harder. You make the burger for the customer based on the picture that hovers above their head, but touching the ingredients that show up on the conveyor belt. Some customers also want fries or ice-cream, which you need to make using the dedicated machines. I know it sounds horrible but it is one of the most addictive games I have ever played!



#4 Pocket Mind Arcade

Another very addictive touch game by Roofdog Games. It seems like the best games come from developers that no one has ever heard of! Touch a block to clear a path to make your way down the mine. Some blocks like rock or diamond take more than one touch to clear it, which takes life away from your pick. You gain more strength for your pick by buying it using the coins you gain by selling things like coal, gold or diamond. The game is packed with features and obstacles you encounter in the mine, like crates that blow up to clear the mine faster, or some that have special artefacts that unlock MORE features! The game just throws interesting shit your way to keep you entertained, and it WORKS! I highly recommend you play this on a tablet with a stylus. 


#3 Dungeon Keeper Strategy

A newer, more unique game set in hell. Create and control different minions for different jobs within your own personal hell. You create rooms in your dungeon, each used for a separate purpose. Some hold gold, some make stone to build other rooms, some are traps to attack enemies and so on. Some rooms allow you to train up newer skills for your minions to allow them to defend or attack a little better. Although the game is slow at times, and getting your head around it at first can be a hassle, I wanted to include it in this list because of it’s originality. 



#2 Royal Revolt Action

Fun! Yay! That’s the best way to describe this charm! You are the general of a very magical army of archers, wizards and soldiers out to destroy the castle of your foes! Tap your army to advance them further down the road towards the castle. As the general, you have the ability to rejuvenate their health, or use special attacks on walls, turrets and enemies. Some special attacks have traits that allow them to be stronger against curtain types of walls and enemies. There are traps and switches that need to be activated to open up parts of the road, which is harder then it sounds. Each member of your army needs to be spawned, which uses some of your spawn bar, but re fills as the game goes on, giving the game a more strategic difficulty.



#1 Ittle Dew | Adventure

From indie developer Ludosity. Best compared to Link Minish Cap, and, as you already may has guessed, ANY game that is like link will make it to the TOP of any of my lists! Short and sweet, is this game. A little disappointed at how short the game is but it is what it is. There are 3 or 4 areas on the map, with only 3 or 4 different items you acquire along the way. The game is a little more adult than a normal link game, referencing adult style humour and wit within the script making it a little less childish then it looks. The cartoony graphics and sketchy scenery give the fun feel of an old school gameboy game that I love! I would really love if this game had a little more in it than it does. 



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