Samsung Galaxy S4 – Top 8 features you didn’t know about

We all know that the Samsung is loaded with brand new and exciting nick nacks to make searching through music and photos overly complicated yet fun! But there are still so many features hidden within this little jelly bean that are actually useful, and not just a gimmick!


1. Pop the keyboard out and move it around for multi-tasking.
Yes, I know, the keyboard does sometimes get in the way with any smartphone. It’s a common first world problem. Especially when you have more than 1 app running at the same time. This tip comes in especially useful on the Samsung Galaxy note series! Simply press and hold the settings button when using the default Qwerly keyboard map, and select the ‘Pop’ keyboard option. This will allow the keys to ‘float’ around the screen to be put anywhere you want!

2. Minimize Youtube videos into a movable smaller player.
You can do this using the Video player to, by pressing the Pop video button, similar to the Pop keyboard function. But swiping downward while playing a video in the Youtube App will minimize it into a smaller floating window, that will play while you continue to search more videos! Pinching will also allow you to zoom in and out, as well as adjusting the brightness and volume! Go ahead. Try it!

Try these :)

Try these ūüôā

3. Adjust in-call audio settings
See those buttons around the call screen? I didn’t know what they were either! Turns out they can do some pretty nifty things to the sound while your on the phone. The one on the top will adjust the¬†equalizer¬† or adapt to the phones audio surroundings, making it easier to hear the call when driving or in noisy¬†environments. Noise reduction will cut out back ground noises, and the Volume boost makes hearing loud speaker calls much easier!

4. Limit your Data usage. 
Keep going over your data plan? Try setting a limit in the Data Usage option under settings. Drag the 2 lines to where you want it to cut you off! The orange line will warn you when your abut to be charged through the bottom!

5. No need to look at your phone to know if you need to look at it!
Smart Alerts will vibrate when you pick up your S4 if there are any notifications requiring your attention! Set it up in the Gestures and motions tab in My Device under

6. Change the arrangement of the quick toggles.
Swiping down with 2 fingers will bring up a whole panel of Quick toggles that you can re arrange as you want to see them in the notification panel!

7. Using gloves?
Throw those bummy looking gloves with the cut out fingers away! Activate extra sensitivity under Display in My device Settings to use your phone with gloves on!

8. Set up a WiFi Timer.
Just like Data usage Limiting, You can stop your phone from using too much data over Wifi! Simple activate it under Advanced Wifi settings, and select the times you want to disconnect from the internet. Great for stopping the kids from using the net late at night!


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 LEAKED!


I was Absolutely SHOCKED to see what Samsung has in store for September!!! This is by far, the thinnest, sleekest piece of technology I have ever seen in my life!

The images, leaked by Alex Colon yesterday displays the impressively thin (2.2mm) frame supporting a large 5.6 inch touch screen. At first I taught it was just a phone cover. But it turns out it is the actual phone itself!!

The brand new flagship Smart Phone will run using¬†¬†quad-core 2.3GHz ‘SnapDragon’ processor, an impressive 13MP camera, and an unbelievable 1300+ mAh battery!!


Stay on GameThief for more updates as it is released next week!

Samsung Galaxy note 10.1 and Galaxy Tab 3

ImageSo, there’s been a lot of Hype around the Galaxy note 8, so I thought I would do one better and review the Galaxy note 10.1 inch. That’s right folks! GameThief has the extra 2.1 inches that you all crave so so much! (Sleazy pun intended)
Samsung has been see as the runner up to Apple for some time now. Since the release of the Samsung Galaxy S4, they have proven themselves to be competitive to the company that created the worlds best touch screen devices. So it’s only natural that we all are a little curious to see how Samsung’s range of Tablets stack up against the Apple iPad. I have both of Samsung’s flagship tablets; the Galaxy Tab 3, as well as the Galaxy note 10.1. Let’s start with the Tab.

If you looking for an all rounder tablet for games, work and other applications, then keep on walking. As much as I love Samsung, their Galaxy Tab 3 is absolutely horrible. From slow loading internet pages, crashing user interfaces and everywhere in between, this Tablet lags on performing the most simple of tasks. Most higher end games fail to even load, crashing not only the game itself, but the actually Tab, forcing a completely reset. Which is probably due to the small 1 GB of Ram, and Dual Core processor. Other smaller applications, however, work quite well and smooth, lagging only slightly when attempting to multi task, and allowing maximum usability with the Samsung Galaxy S4 smart phone.
The physical design of the tablet is more win than fail. It is light, slim and a joy to hold. Placement of the touch sensitive buttons on the bottom are ill placed, however, making it easy to accidentally press them while holding it with one hand. Other than that, the Galaxy Tab 3 is physically a delight to use. Even a good design is still not enough to make up for the shocking performance of this tablet. I definitely do not recommend.

ImageMoving on to something a little better, the Samsung Galaxy Note, available in 8 or 10 inch. Utilizing double the amount of Ram as the Tab (2GB) and a quad core processor, the Note 10.1 was noticeably a more powerful option right out of the box. The UI is designed for pure easy-to-use functionality, including features similar to a Windows PC. Multi tasking on such a portable deice is taken to new depths, allowing you to run unlimited windowed programmes over other program mes at once, Watch videos while browsing the internet, or cross reference office programmes while sending emails is an absolute breeze.
The Galaxy Note’s main selling point (or one of) it the S-pen, which on its own is quite uncomfortable and awkward to hold, but combined with the Note’s touch screen allows for a more realistic approach to a tablet device. The S-pen can sometimes be a little unresponsive, making me have to press harder onto the screen before it detects it at all, which can be a real pain in the butt! The S-pen and screen is also pressure sensitive, allowing for more artistic possibilities when drawing, or more productive approaches when writing.
For a Samsung screen, I expected a little more. Its really not BAD, but it’s not good either. Most applications make the best use out of the 1,280×800-pixel resolution touch screen, but where it counts most, the Home screen and UI, what you see ALWAYS, is bad. The home and back buttons (which are now on-screen buttons, not touch sensitive buttons) are visibly low in resolution. The pixels are easily detectable. It is even worse when reading text messages, or even when drawing finer lines using the S-pen. The iPad definitely has the upper hand in this area with their Retina display. But as I said, most applications make it barley noticeable.
Running wireless internet on the Galaxy note 10.1 is pretty bad, just the like the Tab. Most times, the WiFi will need to be restarted in order for online games to even function. My home internet will fetch around 18MB/s on the Speed Test meter (Download Speed). However, for whatever reason, this speed will slow down to less than 1MB/s until it is restarted, making things a little more complicated then they need to be. I am still investigating this issue.


I definitely recommend the Samsung Galaxy Note series over the Tab 3. It is a simple as that. The notes kicks the Tabs arse sideways! I can’t even formulate a proper conclusion to this article!
If you have any issue’s or questions about the Samsung Tab or Note range, leave your query below! ūüôā

Nintendo Wii U

Wii_u_headerI know, this was released ages ago, but I havent actually done a proper review on it. And even now I’m crying over how disappointed I am that my king Nintendo, that amazing giant in the sky manged to release such a shitty system.
Ok so its not THAT bad, but it’s really not that good either, not even close! Let me transpire my thought process as I picked it up for the first time:¬†¬†¬† “Oh there’s another Wii, I already have one so I do__OH that’s the Wii U, hmm looks the same as the normal Wii. Where’s the control…..can’t be this massive chunky TV thing can it? OH it is well there you go! Is it gonna break? Do I touch the screen pr the buttons now? It’s not working!”
All honestly at first glimpse I found the control cheap, fragile and grubby. Both the Control and Console unit is off white, and looks old, dirty and out-dated. Design is a total let down from the word go. So how does it perform?
I was only able to play Super Mario Wii U, which wasn’t too bad. The game itself flows nicely and is rendered quite well, whilst still keeping up the old school Super Mario feel. Controlling the game however, was made difficult and frustrating at times, with moments having to make you use the screen on the control. It’s so big and chunky that You have to let go of some buttons, hold it with one hand and use the other hand to do whatever you need to do on the screen. It doesn’t sound bad but it’s simply shit! Nintendo have focused so much time into making a BIG screen controller, failing to take into account the fact that big doesn’t mean easy to use!
The touch screen itself is also a little stiff and ever so slightly unresponsive, making precision platforming that much more frustrating.
The games that Nintendo anticipate on releasing range from Nintendo Land to Call of Duty and even Assassins Creed! So I have no doubt Wii U is more than capable under the hood. It does feature IBM based Multicore, 2GB DDR3 RAM and peak bandwidth of just under 12.9GB/s.
What I did find a turn on is the controller can be treated as an independent handheld console, which has its own wireless card built-in. The battery only lasts UP TO 4 hours however so it’s a little bit os a stretch if that’s all you plan on doing with it.
Look it’s not a TERRIBLE unit, but I just expecting a lot more from the people who raised me. I would like to, however se where the unit grows from here.

Look Whos Buying – Playstation vs. Xbox Stats


p>Yeah yeah, like i’m surprised that Playstation kicked Xbox’s arse in the pre-sales. Who on MARS didn’t see that outcome? What I didn’t expect is how HARD Playstation kicked Xbox’s arse. Let’s just say, Xbox is now laying face down in a pool of its own piss and shame.

Like every other year at E3, Sony,¬† Nintendo and Microsoft *COUGH* wankers¬† grab the three top places for the number of pre sales. E3 2013 prooved a shocking embarasment for Xbox One. A massive and well deserved chunk goes to Playstation 4, with 81% of the presales. Followed very closley….to the BOTTOM by Xbox One….with 12%. It’s almost laughable. Nintendo grabbed the last 7% but that’s ok, because Nintendo is the loyal puppy we’ve all had since we were 5, that needs little attention, and only occasionally shits on the rug! But Xbox One is rivalling Playstation 4 like they are fighting for the world!

E3 2013 was an absolute cannonball for Microsoft. Their flagship has crashed, burnt and is slowley sinking! Disgrace!

Both consoles, Playstation 4 and Xbox One are available for pre-sale on Amazon. Playstation 4 is $399, and for some reason Xbox One is $499, but no one wants those anyway!


‘Rape’ Comment made by Xbox official on stage at E3

Ok people, I think that’s enough now. I think Xbox needs to re-build their entire staff! Because yet ANOTHER so-called ‘official’ was reported to make inappropriate comments¬†that were a little too close to the¬†‘rape’ line,¬†to another female employee.
Xbox Official and his female employee were giving a live demonstration of ‘Killer Instinct’ on the Xbox One. As the female player was clearly being beaten in the game, she remarked: “I can’t even block, and you are too fast!”¬†¬†¬†To which he replied: “Here we go, Just let it happen, It’ll be over soon.”

Although the remark did get a few laughs from the audience, many people behind stage and in the audience were taken back and visibly disturbed.C4zOaqh

The Female employee later remarked:¬† “You have a fight stick!”¬† He replied¬† “Wow, you like those don’t you?”¬† and finally, she responds seriously: “No, I’m not liking this.”

Personally, I think a remark like that is SEMI ok, when talking around with your mates and CLOSE female friends. But, you must be fucking stupid to so comfortably speak such stupid comments, knowing millions of people are watching you live. Xbox have once again shown pathetic sales technique, and utter disregard their viewers.462063-463deac0-d300-11e2-b860-d5a4f7ec6372

Twitter uses responded almost immediately after the remark, stating:

‘Wow. This is really gross. Male overpowering a¬† female in a game, so of course, rape joke. Good one, Msoft,’ @Vahn16

‘Even if it was unintentional, Microsoft¬† should’ve realized they shouldn’t¬† make a rape joke in an environment already¬† toxic with misogyny,’ @stillgray

‘Oh my god. One of the people just made a rape¬† joke onstage and the¬† audience actually liked it. That’s sick,’ @IatosHaunted

Needless to say, Xbox One is expected to lose majority of it’s sales, due to the past¬†week riddled with pathetically excused Microsoft staff.

Vice President of Microsoft Studio Corp. Phil Spencer, released a statement defending the code of conduct the company has, and publicly apologized for the “off the cuff” remark.

As if people need more excuses NOT to buy the Xbox one! Learn to market yourselves guys!! Your nothing but a massive joke at the moment!
Experience the Awkwardness here:

nVidia Shield Handheld – Straight from E3


Straight from E3 L.A. 2013, a product that I would NEVER had thaught exsisted!! A brand new handheld gaming device from nVidia, The nVidia Shield!

The fairly chunky unit was prototyped back in January this year, but has since been cut and polished, and featured at E3 2013. High quality, and re inforced plastic does its job to make the console strong and durable, yet retains a smooth soft feel. The D-pad has a slight curve, for imporved accuacy and comfort, as well as indented joy sticks for smooth control. The nVidia Shield also features semi press L2 and R2 buttons. The L1 and R1 buttons however are not softpress, similar to the control of the Xbox 360.


The unit does seem to be based around Android functionality, hosting many Android demos, ie. Conduit. The 720p 5″ screen makes for stunning graphics and smooth rendering throughout gameplay.

Playing whilst  connected to a PC did somehow bring my rating down slightly, as latency was quite high some moments, even with minimal WiFi interference,  which did break the flow of game play. Most other times however, graphics and controls ran smoothly, as if I were playing locally.

Around the back, we find HDMI output and USB connectivity, as well as a fully functional SD memory card slot.


So far the nVidia Shield will cost between $300 and $400. Compared with one of my other favorite handhelds, the PS Vita, that price is quite reasonable.