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Peggle for iPhone


For those of you who read my blog, you would know that  I have a tiny little weakness for casual games. For those of you who don’t, WHY THE FUCK NOT?!

There’s always something appealing to me about casual games. It’s the way they are short, simple, and addictive, but also rewarding! Last week I reviewed Candy Crush, apparently the worlds most addictive game, and best thing to happen to Facebook stalkers everywhere. But once in a while there’s a casual game that manages to slip it’s way under the raider unnoticed.


Peggle is one of those games! Simple, addictive, and under rated! Think of it like one of those clowns at the carnival, that you feed balls into their open and ready mouths. Peggle is pretty much that, but less sexual! You aim a small pin ball at a whole bunch of other coloured balls and bricks. Hitting them will make them light up and disappear. Ultimately, the aim is destroy all the orange coloured bricks using a limited number of pin balls. Some levels have different power ups that either Triple your score, double your turn or light up extra orange pegs. Image

Overall, Peggle is actually a little too easy, and a little more childish. The game itself is also very chance based, taking away a lot of the actual play-ability. Some levels that are hard, are only hard purely due to the fact that the bricks you have to hit are in awkward positions. Skill needed to play this is minimal.

Having said that though, Peggle is addictive, fun and kills time on a long train ride. I probably wouldn’t recommend it to EVERYONE though, it definitely has no re play-ability value. But definitely give the lite edition a try!

Available now in the App Store.

Candy Crush Saga

ImageTHAT’S RIGHT!! The much loved Facebook game has FINALLY, after 3 whole days become an iPhone app! Because no body in the whole fucking world saw this coming!! there’s only been around 172 games EXACTLY like it before but all these no life Facebook whores need something to eat up time while there waiting for their pregnancy test to come in. So what the hell! i’ll review it!’

Just like Bejewelled, Dr. Mario, and about 40 other games that I can think of, Candy Crush is all about matching the colours by swapping them around to make lines of 3 or more. and ALSO like Bejewelled, Dr. Mario, and about 40 other games that I can think of, there’s various power ups that destroy large amounts of candy in different and colourful ways! There around 400 levels, with about 5 different game modes, which actually sets it ever so slightly apart from its predecessors. Some modes make you clear away jelly, others make you fight for points in a short time frame, making each level a joy to get to, even if it is a rip off of bejewelled!

But of cause, some ass hole decided there was money to be made, so the game has a limit of 5 lives, after which you have to either wait 20 minutes for a life, OR pay using real hard earned money to gain an extra 40 seconds of joy time. alternative you can ask your friends on Facebook for extra lives, because hey, they don’t have a fucking life either!!

What’s the Saying?

Remember that 4 pics 1 word game? That everyone go so caught up with everyone was having accidents because they played it while eating, working and driving? I know because I was one of them! That’s why it was no surprise that I was naturally drawn to ‘What’s the Saying?’ a box puzzle style brain teaser game, requiring logic and brain smarts. I have neither.
Each level features a small little picture riddle, which will be associated with a popular saying. For example, the letter C with an arrow under it could mean something like ‘Under the C.’ Shit like that! It’s cute!
There is not much more than that in regards to game play. You level up step by step, whilst being more and more tested. Each correct answer will gain 10 coins, which can buy letters to solve the phrase, or reduce the amount of letters to choose from.
The one thing, and ONLY thing, that gets to me about the gameplay is that fact that if you get the phrase wrong, it removes all letters and you have to input it starting again, letter by letter, which becomes incredibly frustrating if you have large clumsy fingers, and sometimes hit the wrong letter after inputting in a massive essay of a phrase.
But, end in all, it’s a great time passing game, and doesn’t draw too much attention to you if you want to play it whilst at work!
I’m Pretty sure it’s free, so give it a try! Let me know what you think!



Slender Rising – The new slender man

So, most of you gamers would have heard of the slender man fad that swept through the gaming society like 10 bees and a cat chasing them. It all started when parsec introduced their indie version of the German folk tale, Slender. A scary Suited man with no face, out to torture people stupid enough to wonder dark, desolate and obviously dangerous forests alone at night with nothing but a flash light.
But move the fuck over parsec because there is a WAY better version of your game available right on your iPhone! Slender Rising! Now you can Shit your pants anywhere, conveniently.
Developed by Michael Hagemann, Slender Rising utilises the full capacity of the iPhone to not only deliver far better and more convincing graphics than Slender by Parsec, but also includes different words and variations on those worlds to draw you in from the very beginning.
There are 4 worlds to choose; Haunted Forrest, Desolate town, Mental Hospital and dark ruins, which can all be played in Day, night (with flashlight) through night vision or during a storm. Each mode and world strikes a different feel, and mood allowing for more diverse gameplay, and keeps the user engaged for longer.
Just like the Parsec version, you wonder the world to find 7 pieces of paper or notes, from Slender. The endless mode, also provides endurance type gameplay, seeing how many notes you can collect before being caught. Once you are caught you have the chance to escape and continue collecting the notes. Slender man is now more animated and detailed, adding to the fear factor.
One thing I liked about Slender Rising is the lack of music. To me, I find this draws the user in more, adding a more realistic feel to the game. Nothing but footsteps, and the occasional ambience of the world is heard, contrasting with the sudden shriek when you see slender.
The controls are fucking annoying, however, having to select the point on the ground you wish to walk to, and then having to hold down the screen to run, breaks the flow of the game. Controls can be changed however so it’s not a massive deal.
This is a definite no brainer for any gamer wanting a quick, easy thrill without the risk of contracting an STD. and for $2.99 it is definitely worth it. I wouldn’t mind seeing a few more updates down the line though. It definitely has the room and potential for it.
Give it a click! Its good. Promise!